Tuesday, November 15, 2016

September Mishmash

September seems like it's off to a great start!
It's been so warm! Since school started, it's been really quiet around here. I have to find ways to entertain them. I took them to a splash pad in Alpine. They didn't really like it.
Sadie's friend even had a pool birthday party. They pretty much invited all 20 kids that are her age. It was crazy but fun!
Shawn had his softball championship game. They had to beat the team they were playing only once. The other team had to beat his team twice. They couldn't pull it off but it was fun to watch Shawn hit a far home run.
Sadie wanted to do my hair.
Easton had his buds over for coop. They played their own version of Bumperama.
I get to help at preschool twice a month. It's good to see how Easton acts. He does pretty good.
My friend turned 50! It was a fun night! We all wore black and gave gag gifts. Good times.
Shawn is the coach for Sadie's team. It's pretty cute.
Cambree helped me do company pictures for the dance studio. We got there early so we got ourselves a treat at Sodalicious.
Somebody thought Caden looked cute in his "cape".
Back to school means homework! Sadie's homework isn't too bad. She just has to read and practice her spelling. She was doing some optional work on the computer. I love these computer learning games.
The kids were getting out costumes and put Caden in the pumpkin one. He looked cute pushing the monkey around in the stroller.
Sadie's teacher wanted a picture of them reading a Piggie and Elephant book.

I was unloading the groceries and Caden got out the balls. He could play with them all day!
Easton has mastered climbing to the top!
Cambree tried out a basketball camp. She mostly liked it and tried out for Bantam Ball (a tryout league). I had looked and thought we could afford it but when she made the team, the coach was hiring a trainer and had rental facility fees. It was a lot more than we thought and we don't even know for sure if she will like it! So we will try Jr. Jazz this year to see if basketball is her thing. She is certainly tall enough!
"Easton. I'm going to do your hair like in the movies". Haha!
Preschool fun! It was apple day! Apple on Top!
They made apple pie too (his teacher sent it to me)!

It was a cold, late game! The girls were sitting out and warming each other up!
Happy Birthday to Cambree in Primary! They sang to her early since we had general conference and stake conference. I love that I get to be in primary with her.
This is what Easton learned in his primary class. So many talents!
Caden was doing some sort of ritual dance. Haha!
My parents stayed after Easton's birthday party for FHE. We did a little apostle lesson to get to know the apostles better.
I feel like I'm missing out on YW activities so I love it when they post pictures!
I was showing Caden how to play with little figures. He started to copy me and make little dog sounds while he played.
Easton is doing a free online preschool program called Upstart. He loves the games and usually doesn't complain. I figured he could use all the help he can get so we does 2 preschools. :)
My kids were playing and said they were homeless. :)
Shawn wasn't able to go to BYU game so Cambree and I got to go. It was BYU vs Toledo. I had to pick her up from a birthday party at Classic Skating and went straight to the game. It was a crazy-close game!
Yup! Our seats are high!! Cambree said, "These are good seats!" haha!

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