Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hiking the Y on Labor Day

My kids have wanted to hike the Y for a while now. To do it during the summer would've been way too hot so Labor Day was perfect! We invited JJ's family to come and they were up for it! JJ and Shawn have never hiked it! Kristy and I had. The kids started off enthusiastic but that died down pretty quickly. They didn't complain too much but we had to stop at almost every switchback. It was steep so it was expected.
We did it! We reached the Y!! We went to the lower part and then all of the sudden the kids got energy and decided to climb all over it.
The view was killer!
A view looking up the mountain. The leaves are starting to change.
It was fun picking out the different buildings at BYU.
Brinley's camelback leaked! It looked like she peed her pants especially from the front. Haha!
After the hike, we went home to shower and relax. Then, we went over to JJ's house for a BBQ. We dog-sat Sugar for a few days that weekend too and brought her over.
Kristy's sister and her husband came. David and Tiffany came too. They got a good game of volleyball going.
I watched Sienna while everyone played. She's such a happy baby!

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