Saturday, November 5, 2016

Girls Weekend!!

It's one of my most favorite times of the year! The weekend I get to go to my aunt's cabin up Big Cottonwood canyon! Shawn took Friday off so I went up with Kristy on Thursday night. It was pretty much awesome. Another awesome thing was Angie decided last-minute to drive up and surprise mom. Mom had just been down there for Evelyn's baptism so she didn't think she would come up for it but she drove all day and got to the cabin around midnight. She's crazy!
Tiff had to bring Sienna. She was good though and everyone loved her.
I thought my Feast Mode shirt was appropriate for the weekend since all we do is craft and eat!
Mom was showing off her "hairnet" from some craft supplies.
My mom and aunts wanted to play a game but didn't have a spot to play really so they took up the kitchen to play.
My cute cousin, Cindy, did my toes!! She is GOOD! It was fun getting fun designs and glitter. They stayed a long time too cuz they were gel!
We went for a walk/run too and just enjoyed some nature. It's so pretty up there!
As we were leaving, Kristy's car wouldn't start! I said I didn't want to drive cuz our car was having issues...well, so was hers! Luckily, these ladies know how to jump start a car and got us on our way. We made it all the way home. The car needed a new battery.
Shawn actually took the kids out while I was gone. He took Caden and Easton to Discovery Park. I'm glad he took them there since we haven't been there in awhile.
There was a BYU game that night and I had planned on going but it was a late game and I was tired (I stayed up way too late every night) and I had already sat a lot of the time so I let Brinley go instead. JJ invited us over to roast marshmallows since that's what he built while Kristy was gone.
Caden loves to chase their chickens!
The favorite toy of the night.
This was BYU vs UCLA game. They lost. :( But they went a little crazy with the pictures since it was the first home game.

Cambree and I tried to stay up and watch it. Cambree didn't make it. :)

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