Sunday, November 6, 2016

General Women's Conference

I was excited to hear that our ward was allotted a certain about of tickets. I jumped on that and got 3 tickets to take my girls.
Kristy came with us and was going to meet her sister in Salt Lake and try to get standby tickets. We picked her up and ate at Pizza Stuido in Lehi before we left. It was a hit! Everyone loved being able to build their own.
Then we got up to the Conference center. It was packed! It took us a while to get in. We got there with only a few minutes to spare before the prayer started. Kristy left us to go get some tickets. She got lucky and found some and got in!
Love this view. SO many women coming to hear from amazing speakers and seeing the prophet. It was a beautiful meeting.
Afterward, we took Kristy's sister home (she lives in downtown Salt Lake) and headed home. We stopped at Kneaders for dessert cuz their desserts are 1/2 off on Saturday nights! I was REALLY wanting to try a chocolate croissant and ordered that. There was one left when I ordered it and was a little worried they would sell out when they finally brought us our order. I almost said something to the cashier but I didn't. Well, when the guy brought our order, he said they sold out of the chocolate croissants!! I was so sad! Kristy just laughed cuz I had told her my worries. It was pretty funny so I had to order something else. About a week later, Kristy brought me a chocolate croissant. She's the best!

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