Thursday, November 17, 2016

General Conference Weekend

General Conference weekend is one I look forward to so much! Not only do I get to see family but I also love to hear the words of our prophet and apostles.
We had some soccer games that morning so we got there during the Saturday morning conference. Tiffany decided not to come since it is chaotic with all the cousins. Which is a bummer but understandable. My sisters and sister-in-law wanted to supply activities and games for the kids to play during conference so they would listen better and I think it worked! They did really well! Sadie listened more than she ever has. Cambree took notes the whole time. I love that they are developing a love for conference on their own.
Annie and Sadie are such cute friends.
My mom started marching to one of the rest hymns. It was entertaining.
After dinner that night, we celebrated the October birthdays. I think Cambree blew all the candles out before everyone else could.
Some of the cute activities they did.
Bingo is always a winner!
The kids helped mom make witches brooms.
I love this conference tradition!

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