Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Easton's Transformer Birthday Party

Well, we do friend parties every other year and it's always been on an even year but I realized that would mean ALL my kids would have parties during the same years cuz they were all born on odd years! Crazy! So Shawn gave me the idea of having the boys' parties on the odd birthday years. So we're doing that. Easton turned 5 so he got a friend party!
A neighbor gave us some Transformer party stuff so I told Easton he would have a Transformer party and he was excited! Whew! I found some ideas on Pinterest and Shawn helped me make those come to fruition. He made Megatron for me. On the day before his birthday, we threw a party! It turned out great! And it was a Monday so Shawn had work off! So nice!
Tiffany made this cute invitation. Love it!

His cake was awesome! Cupcake Optimus Prime! Shawn definitely had a hand in it.
When his friends started getting there, we let them play with legos to try and make robots out of them.
The next thing we did and the highlight of the party was the obstacle course. Shawn was in charge of that too so of course it was awesome. We set up a storyline about going to a different planet to find and defeat Megatron.
They first, went on a scooter around the moon.
Then, they threw balls at Decepticons.
Then, they dodged balls (astroids) on the trampoline and slide down the slide and went through the tunnel.
Then they shot megatron!
Just some more shots of the kids on the course. They did it over and over again. They loved it so much! And I was mad I didn't get a group picture of everyone! Dang!
Sadie was cute with Avery and helped her along the course.
Here's the cheer squad. My parents and sisters came and helped. It was great!
After pulling them off the course, we went inside for some other activities.
They had a little snack with pretzels and marshmallows and made them into robots.
After that, we played Transformer Bingo! Tiffany made it and it was great.
Then, we did a craft. I had cut up scraps of paper and they made them into robots. They turned out cute!
Easton's robot...he named it Bobby. :)
Time for cake and ice cream!
I swear he liked the cupcake!
Gage was a little shy during the whole party but at least my mom could help him along. He was the last one to finish his cupcake.
After cake, Brinley and Cambree came in and said, "Megatron is alive! We need to go get him!" I gave them all silly string to kill him off! They loved it!
They got him!!
Then it was time for presents! He got some great gifts.
His party favors...I put in candy, glowsticks, a flying toy, and transformer tattoos.
On his actual birthday, he went to preschool. I helped that day too so that was fun to be with him.
He is obsessed with writing and spelling "apple". So cute!
During preschool, we went on a walk to the park for a teddy bear picnic.
Easton got sung to there and we passed out the treats he picked...donuts.
That night, we had a family party. We made a cake out of donuts for him.

Then he opened presents from his family. He was super excited about his remote control car!
a transformer
a scooter
I think it was a great couple of days for this kid!

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