Sunday, November 13, 2016

Easton's 5 YO Pictures

Easton is 5! What is he up to these days?
-He is in Preschool this year and is doing very well. He got on yellow once (a warning) but has been good since then.
-He knows how to write his first name. He also knows how to write almost the whole alphabet.
-Easton is VERY social and has to be playing with someone everyday after school. In the morning, he is pretty content to hang out with me but after quiet time, he is outta here!
-During quiet time, he likes to watch people play with toys on YouTube videos. I don't get it.
-He is still very dramatic. He screams like he's dying when he gets hurt. When he's mad, you sure know it! And when he's happy, it's the best thing in the world!
-Easton is very coordinated. He caught on to soccer this last fall but we're not sure if he loves it yet. He tried t-ball too but didn't really get it.
-His favorite song is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. He likes listening to our nursery rhyme CD but he usually doesn't get to pick what we listen to in the car. Poor 4th youngest.
-He is still a super-picky eater but now that he's 5, he has been big and trying new things. Some things he likes, but will say that he doesn't want more of it. Just a bite.
-He LOVES rides! Like Lagoon rides. Ever since we went there, when I tell him we are going somewhere he asks if we are going on rides like Lagoon.
-He doesn't tell me as many times a day that he loves me but he still tells me almost every day.
-Easton always needs a kiss good-night from me. Not dad! That's gross!

That's my sweet boy! Shawn thinks his smile is mischievous in all these pictures but I think it's sweet.
He wanted me to take a picture of him being fast!

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Tiffany said...

I think his smile is sweet too. Come on, Shawn!