Tuesday, November 1, 2016

August Mish-Mash

It's the end of summer! Always mixed emotions go on but in the end, I like schedules and my kids do better with each other when they aren't around each other all the time! Too much fighting and teasing!

Well, Shawn and I took Easton and Sadie one last time to 7 Peaks and Sadie was tall enough to go on the big, steep slides and she did it! She's crazy!
We got this game, Scrabble Junior, from my mom since she was getting rid of games and I have fond memories of playing it. Sadie was the only one that wanted to play with me.
Caden has actually been sitting for longer than 2 minutes to watch a show. I just love my cute boys cuddled up together.
For a YW activity, we made t-shirts. I taught my girls how to do it and they were excited to give it a try. They turned out so cute!
We got a sitter and took the girls to the Scera (an outdoor theater) to see The Fiddler on the Roof. They really enjoyed the show.
The Olympics opening ceremony was on. Caden LOVED it for whatever reason.
I donated blood and I might not ever again. It took a long time and it was puffy and swollen after. The next day my arm was totally bruised! I sure looked good for a wedding I was shooting the next day.
To get ready for BYU football, they were doing all these box drops all over the place. Shawn was set on getting one. He was REALLY close to being the first one too. He was driving right near where one dropped. He got a t-shirt for getting there soon after.
The sunsets are amazing sometimes around here.
This kinda freaks me out and I can't decide if I should ban this activity or not....

Sadie lost a tooth on her way to gymnastics!
An activity we've wanted to do is to go to the silos pond. Brinley insisted on not wearing a swimsuit cuz she wasn't going to get wet. Yeah right.

A mother duck and her babies joined us.
Making little rivers was a favorite activity.

Sadie has wanted to try gymnastics. I signed her up for some classes in the summer. She had a great time and improved a lot. They did a little Olympics and Sadie won the gold overall!
She learned a beam routine and they had perform it for the Olympics
This kid learned how to throw balls into the basket.
Another activity I've wanted to do was to go to Highland Glen and swim. We happened to be there when they stocked the pond with fish. It was fun seeing all the fish go in! Some of them are good size!
The week before school started, I thought it would be fun to see Shawn and work and go to lunch at the Canon Center. I've wanted to check out the little dinosaur museum they have there too so we did that first. It had more than I thought it would.
I LOVE having her as a helper on these outings!
Lots of sticking our heads in dino's mouths. :)
Lunch at the Canon Center...always a treat!
Shawn joined a co-ed softball league this summer with some guys in the ward. Games every Friday...kind of a bummer but it was fun to watch him play. He hits a home run almost every game.
Not this time! haha
Primary is so fun!  I love being a primary teacher to the 11 year olds. This was my class up there.
Easton played tot soccer again this year. This time, he knew what to do and made lots of goals every game. It's fun to see it click for him.
And this is what goes on on the sidelines.
Smashed Caden face...
The Stake Primary President visited our ward. She also visited Easton's primary class. She sent me a message on Facebook to tell me what Easton said. He is a crack-up!
As soon as the kids were in school, I made a date with Shawn to go to the Skyroom. He had a birthday coupon he wanted to use and it's a fun treat to go there!
The specialty drinks are super yummy!
August was definitely good to us!

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