Tuesday, October 18, 2016

THEEEE COLOR RUN 2016!! (& Other Crazy Saturday Fun)

If you can't tell by the subject line, I LOVE the color run!!! SO much fun!!!
Kristy talked me into doing it this year...I love it but Shawn won't run it with me (he hates to get dirty) and I didn't think anyone would really want to but I mentioned it to Kristy and she did. BUT the week of the run, her uncle died and the funeral was that same Saturday so she couldn't go! I didn't want to run it my self but I knew Cambree would so she sure lucked out!
So all the family got up early on a Saturday and drove to Salt Lake to support us. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some pre-race yumminess. :)

Then, Cambree and I walked over to the start line. Music was playing and everyone was getting pumped up to start the race! I think Cambree didn't know what to think with all these crazy people.
All clean and ready to get our color on!
1st stop-Pink Station!
The signage is always so fun!
The family was at Liberty Park at the blue station waiting for us to come by.

Haha! Cambree got it bad!
This is the end! All the colors! This 5K was a little hard for Cambree. She wasn't too speedy and I tried pushing her almost the whole time. Finally, the last few blocks I told her we should jog it to the end. She stopped and I kept going (slowly). I figured I would wait for her at the finish line. But right before the end, she caught up. She said she likes to do fast bursts of speed instead of slow and steady. Whatever.
We did it! Not too colorful yet...we went over to the after-party to get more colored. Such a blast!
Color drop cloud!
Sadie wanted in on the color action. Easton got a little bit colored too.
We look gross now!
We got home and cleaned up. Shawn took Brinley and Sadie to a BYU Women's Volleyball scrimmage. They had a little camp afterward that they taught the kids some skills. Sadie was in heaven. Brinley didn't want to do it.
They snagged a cute shirt!
They did a fun cheer at the end.
Shawn and I went out for dinner. We hadn't been on a date for awhile and wanted to try a Chinese restaurant that a friend recommended.
It was plated pretty with a carrot flower.
That night was a free JamestheMormon concert in a parking lot for his birthday celebration. Shawn and the girls wanted to go (I did too but someone had to stay home) so they went. There were a bunch of other artists; The Atheist,  Jennifer Blosil (American Idol contestant), Ali Shields, and many other raw groups. They took up most of the time so by the time JamestheMormon came on, there wasn't much time because of the noise curfew. So the cops came and shut them down. Lame.
Quick Quack Carwash represented. My cousin owns it and is just coming to Utah so that's exciting.

Mormon comedian, Stephen Jones, as the MC for the dance off

Jamesthemormon being recognized on stage

Polynesian fire dancer performing on stage

Selfie with Jamesthemormon in the background
It was a crazy but fun day!!

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Tiffany said...

I think I better do the Color Run next year! It really must be THAT FUN!