Monday, October 3, 2016

Hancock Reunion Staycation-Day 3 & 4

After camping, we cleaned up and headed home. We were all pretty tired:
We had showers (or some of us did) and Caden got a nap before we went back to Ryan and Cori's to swim.
After a yummy dinner, we had the family talent show. Barbara started out the night by reading a story she wrote about a bad day she had. That was cute.
Lynnette and Doug's family did a cute skit about watching a movie with Victoria and Austin not being able to sit by each other and passing along hugs, hand-holding, and a kiss. It was pretty funny!
A few of them got together and sang an Eagles song with Moe playing the guitar.
Val and Sarah did a Delilah skit that was cute. Cori and Jordan did a song that they performed at girls camp. We did a lip sync to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody like we did at my family reunion. It was a fun night followed by banana splits!
The next day was...more swimming! My kids love swimming so they were happy to swim whenever. Lots of the family watched the Olympics or played games.
I didn't swim for long cuz I had to shower and get ready for family pics and get everyone else ready. We were doing them at Wheeler Farm. I wanted Jody to do ours before the big family pic so we had to be ready even earlier. Besides a few complainers, it went well. The setting was great and the colors we wore looked good too.
Easton was stuck to Val's side the whole reunion. He LOVES Uncle Kracker. So we thought we should take a picture of the two of them.
Sadie likes to be one of the big girls. They are nice to include her.
Easton wanted a picture in the little playhouse like always when we go there. :)
After pictures, we went back to Ryan's for dinner and hanging out. It was a relaxing reunion and we all connected and had fun. That's what it's all about!

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