Monday, October 3, 2016

Hancock Reunion-Staycation-Day 1 & 2

It's getting harder and harder to plan reunions that everyone can afford and that Barbara and Larry can go to. Even this was hard for them to be out of their house and be on a different schedule. But despite the circumstances, Ryan and Cori planned a great reunion by just doing stuff around here.
We started off the reunion on a Wednesday evening with dinner and swimming.
We sang to Larry for his birthday and had cake.
After a late night and sleeping at our own houses, we went bowling the next morning. Of course, we beat most people there so our kids played on the games (without coins).
Cutest smile of Caden! He loved it even tho it wasn't moving.
Time to bowl!!
Shawn totally blew everyone away the first game.
Caden got restless while we played the second game.
After bowling, we had lunch at Ryan's and then split up to get camping gear and go up to Midway for camping. We also napped Caden which was awesome.
While we were setting up, I think Barbara thought she had Caden-duty. He was much faster than her so she wasn't doing too much. ;)
He kept smashing his face against the screen while we were setting up the tent.
A snake!! And Sadie had no problem holding it!
While we waited for dinner, a group played volleyball and some kids played ultimate frisbee.
Jordan wanted to sleep in her hammock. She didn't last all night cuz it was COLD!
Easton was showing Grandma a game he was playing. The campground had a great lodge with a full kitchen, bathrooms and a large gathering space. It was great!

Playing games!
We had a late dinner and I had told Tiff's mother-in-law that I was going to sleep at her house since having all of us in the tent just wasn't going to work. Things were starting late and we were still going to roast marshmallows, so I wasn't ready to miss stuff and leave. There were 3 bathrooms in the lodge and one was really big so I thought we could set up Caden's playpen and he could sleep in there. Shawn was fine to sleep in the lodge with him on a cot so it was set! We all stayed there. It was nice I didn't have to leave but still nice that I had that other option.
We gathered around the fire to roast marshmallows and starbursts. Then, they wanted to tell ghost stories. I was a little worried about my kids since they are the littlest ones there. I worried they would get scared but they wanted to stay. It was just fine until Sarah showed everyone a picture of Bloody Mary. That got her scared. I saw Val leave and I wondered if he was going to dress up and scare everyone. He did! He got a gilly suit and came running in. He scared Easton, Sadie, and Cambree. They were done after that and they wanted to go to bed but were too scared. So I sang and sang Primary songs until they went to sleep.
Moe has the best voices when he tells stories.
After I got them to sleep, I went back up to the lodge to talk and play games. We were up late! As I was going to the tent to go to sleep, I heard coyotes! Brinley heard them too and was a little nervous. Other than that and it being a little cold, I slept pretty good. Caden slept great too. Whew! The next morning, we had breakfast, cleaned and packed up.
Our little tent village

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