Friday, October 21, 2016

Behold the Foam Pit...

My brother invited us to a park where their Real Estate Agency was having a BIG party! It was an all holiday them. It was the day of Sadie's party so I was glad to not have to fix dinner or anything.
Ok. This was a PARTAY!! They had bounce houses, bubble balls, trick-or-treating, egg hunt, hay maze, and dinner. It was awesome!
Easton went on the bounce house right away!
Sadie and Easton trick-or-treated and did the egg hunt but the highlight was the foam pit! It was awesome!! I wish they would've worn swimsuits but it was fine since it was warm.
Brinley was refusing to get in but I finally talked her into it and she had a blast!
They ran the bubbles off.
Sadie is in there somewhere and stayed there until they took it down.
I thought Caden as too little to go in there. He would've probably gotten lost.
And now more bounce housing before it was time to go.
Oh such fun!!

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