Sunday, October 2, 2016

Air Force Base Museum

I've wanted to take my kids to the Air Force Museum for a while. I think Easton would go ballistic with all the cool airplanes. I was right. :)
Mandy lives up there so I invited her to come along. I was hoping Shawn could come since I planned to go on a Monday but it was during Caden's nap so he stayed home with him.
I do not know that area very well and we ended up trying to get into the Air Force Base instead. The guard told us where to go and we found the museum. We went inside first to check out the airplanes. They have 2 large hangars with tons of airplanes.
The Jolley Roger plane. It was decorated like a pirate.
This one was called the mean green flying machine (or something like that) so they're making mean faces.
This is a B-17 Bomber-the plane my grandpa flew in the war.
A big ol helicopter
Inside the back of an airplane
This one was very big and looked super stealthy. This was their favorite cuz it looked like it could be in Star Wars.
Of course the boys got a kick out of the photo booth
Then we headed outside for a snack and drink and to look at the even bigger planes outside.
That airplane was a funky V shape.
They thought the picture on the plane was funny-Straight Flush
The Candy Bomber's airplane!!
This one was probably the biggest plane there. It was a people transporter.
After that, we went to Mandy's house. She made us a yummy dinner. Then, we went to Nate's grandma's house to do family pictures on her property. She has a GREAT property for that!
Kylie let me hold her!! This is huge! She can't even look at me without crying. And she let me hold her for a long time. 
His grandma had a cute, little playhouse that the kids loved playing in.
Brinley wanted to practice taking pictures. She will be taking Photography in 8th Grade this year. These are all unedited. Not too bad!

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