Sunday, October 16, 2016

$2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point

I really tried to be strategic when we go to $2 Tuesdays since it can be crazy-busy. I wanted to hit up the Curiosity Museum in the afternoon so it wouldn't be as crowded. It was crowded but not too crazy. I invited Kristy to come with us with her kids. So that was fun!
They didn't let strollers in so I was a little nervous I would loose Caden.
Easton is up there somewhere.
Caden didn't quite get that you slide down the slide on your bum.
The little zipline.
He loved the water table.
Easton loved the water play area and getting the water to go where he wanted.
But this ball area was by far Caden's favorite spot. He played for almost an hour while the bigger kids went in the huge jungle gym.

The cute market area
On the next Tuesday, we went to the Gardens. That place is so huge that it doesn't matter if it's busy. The kids were in awe of the beauty and really enjoyed it. It was a perfect day. I loved that one.
The Koi were crazy!! We fed them and they were swimming on top of each other fighting for the food! They are big too!

Easton wanted his picture here:
Then I made all the kids get in for a picture but he was mad that I did that.
Poor kid.
I have so many great helpers!
Another trip we hit up the Dino Museum. Kristy and her kids came along. They had fun running all over the place. Kristy's parents were there and probably wanted to enjoy the museum but the kids just were flying from one exhibit to the next.
The water and sand table is always a fun stop and I figured Caden would love it so I let him out of the stroller. Nope. He wasn't a fan.
The Megledon!
Ahh! A snake!
The last place we needed to go to was The Farm. The kids were back in school so Kristy and I took Gage and Easton. (Where was Caden? I don't even remember!)
Easton was excited to ride the biggest horse! Gage was too scared to ride one. We didn't even have to wait in line very long.
Then we went on a horse-pulled wagon ride.
They played in the garden/market play area for awhile.
We looked at pigs, horses, goats, chickens, etc.
I'm sure glad Thanksgiving Point does these cheap days and that we are able to avoid the craziness...usually.

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