Sunday, October 30, 2016

Our Family Pictures ~ Wheeler Farm

My sister-in-law took our family pictures really quick before the big group picture with all the Hancocks during the family reunion. The Hancock group picture was yellow and navy. We did that last year so we had to do a quick outfit change. They turned out pretty cute!
Now I just need to decide which one I will blow up and which one I will send out for Christmas cards.
I just love my cute family!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sadie's 7 YO Pictures

Sadie is 7! Not too much has changed. She is still independent and cheerful. This is what else she's been up to:
-As you can see from her pictures, she is starting to loose lots of teeth! That's exciting for a 7 year old!
-She likes to try new things and is pretty determined to be good at them.
-She started soccer again this year after taking a break. She's a good goalie and isn't afraid of the ball.
-Sadie is a good reader and likes to read every night.
-She is smart and does very well in school.
-She can't wait to play the piano. She can figure out some songs by listening to them and then playing the notes.
-Sadie has lots of friends and is a good friend. When she isn't playing with friends, she is usually playing with Cambree who loves to be in charge of her, but Sadie is starting to refuse to do things for her.
-She is our sweet girl and we love having her in our family!

As per tradition, I took Sadie out to get her pictures taken. I've wanted to shoot at this spot so it was perfect to take her and try it out.

She just learned to tie her shoes. I know...a little late!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Behold the Foam Pit...

My brother invited us to a park where their Real Estate Agency was having a BIG party! It was an all holiday them. It was the day of Sadie's party so I was glad to not have to fix dinner or anything.
Ok. This was a PARTAY!! They had bounce houses, bubble balls, trick-or-treating, egg hunt, hay maze, and dinner. It was awesome!
Easton went on the bounce house right away!
Sadie and Easton trick-or-treated and did the egg hunt but the highlight was the foam pit! It was awesome!! I wish they would've worn swimsuits but it was fine since it was warm.
Brinley was refusing to get in but I finally talked her into it and she had a blast!
They ran the bubbles off.
Sadie is in there somewhere and stayed there until they took it down.
I thought Caden as too little to go in there. He would've probably gotten lost.
And now more bounce housing before it was time to go.
Oh such fun!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sadie's Birthday Party and Celebrations

Sadie's birthday was on a Sunday so we partied for a few days. :) We made little favors to take to her class. No treats for class just little toys or something. I thought this crazy straw idea was cute!
I brought her lunch of her birthday. She requested Wendy's.
She wanted me to come out to the playground. She ran around with Caden in the stroller.
Sadie wanted a friend party. She didn't have one last year so I let her do one this year...since we do them every other year. And she wanted a water party and those are easy enough!

Tiffany made the cute invitations. LOVED the color scheme she picked. I tried to use it throughout the party.

She also made the favor bag tags.
She wanted a pool for her cake and this is what we came up with.
We did the whole party outside and finally set up a canopy that Shawn's brother gave us forever ago.
When the girls got there, they played in the pool for a while to wait for everyone to get there.
Then they played on the slip-n-slide.
Then they played hot potato with water balloons.
The activity that was the best was water balloon piƱatas!
Friends! L-R Back: Easton, Ella, Annie, Sadie, Gabby
Front: Anna, Hallie, Eden (Ellie was there but didn't want her picture taken)
Line up for the pinatas!
Then they were ice excavators and got a toy from the ice. Some of them are too smart and got them out right away.
Then, they caught water balloons in a strainer. The balloon was supposed to pop but it didn't!
Then the played Dry, Dry, Wet like Duck, Duck, Goose.
Last game was to run and fill up bowls with water using a strainer on their heads. They had to be quick!
Then they sang, had birthday cake and ice cream and opened presents.
I surprised her at the end with silly string!
She got some pretty fun gifts. One of which was some fun, big glasses!
On Sunday she got to open presents from her family. She got a gumball machine, legos, and a Barbie movie. I thought she was over those by now!