Saturday, September 17, 2016

July Mish-Mash

1/2 way through the summer already and I feel like we are just getting started! Ugh. It always goes that way.
Keaton got married the day before the 4th. We made the best of things and hung out with everyone at Ryan's pool.
Just doing a photo shoot at Wheeler Farm. Brinley babysat them there while Shawn helped me with a large family shoot.
Awe...doesn't he look so cute in his pink bike helmet?
Our first family bike ride. They loved it! I might need a bike.
Our garden is producing a little bit! Not bad for not really doing anything.
Easton and Brayden thought it would be fun to draw on the TV and couches downstairs. Ugh. Don't worry...he scrubbed and scrubbed it off.
I signed Sadie up for a tumbling class in the summer. She loved it and did well.
We have such great Young Women in our ward!
7 Peaks! It took us a while to finally get there!

Easton wanted a silly picture with me.

We hit up Chik-fil-a on Dress like a Cow day for free meals. We waited quite a while in the drive up. Don't know if it was worth it.
Cambree decided she wants to try basketball. Yay! She is finally taking advantage of her height! So I signed her up for a basketball camp first. She has been enjoying it.
For a YW's activity, we made t-shirts. A Laurel drew this cute face and I was excited to make a shirt for Easton. At first he didn't like it but now he does.
At work, Shawn had a little outing. They went to the Soap Factory. He got to make soaps for all of us.
It was funny that the girls got Easton to play Barbies with them. But then Ella said (referring to the Ken doll), "Does he have a six pack? I like the ones with a six pack." Oh man! Barbies screw up reality.
Brinley and Aubree doing duck faces.
Annie had her birthday party at my mom's house since they are living there while they are trying to find a house. She's 6 now! heart was loving this! They were all dancing together.
Pool party for the YW/YM! Those otter pops were HUGE!
We had 1/2 the pool facility to ourselves so I told Shawn to bring the kids over! Kristy and J.J. were there so she ended up bringing some of them over.
Just getting our hairs done! (or pretending to)
They REALLY wanted to paint rocks. Ok! Whatever keeps you busy!
Easton was excited to find Spencer's sunglasses. Angie said we could keep them. Sweet!
After the family got back from camping, they came over to help J.J. and Kristy clean and move in.
The next day was Sunday so we brought dinner over to them and ate with them. Cambree found J.J.'s old boot and crutches. We sent this picture teasing mom.
Swimming at Grandma Hancock's! We try to visit them more often and it's fun to swim while we're at it.
Shawn bought a few fireworks for the 24th of July. You would've thought it was Christmas with how excited Easton was about it!
This kid is a wild sleeper. We often hear him banging the wall since his wall shares our bathroom wall.

Dentist appointments! The kids all love to go to the dentist. It wasn't such great news with Cambree though. She had a cavity.
Sadie found these Wheelie shoes and has loved skating around with them.
Going on another bike ride!
Reaping the rewards of our garden, even though it is small and doesn't produce much.
I've finally started giving him the bowl and feeding himself. Love the Cheerio on his nose!
That's it! July was good to us!

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