Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Patterson Summer Visit

Since Angie was here for the reunion, she stayed longer and we had some fun! We went to the Bean Museum. Angie hasn't been there since it's been redone so it was fun to take the kids. Tiffany met us there with her kids.
Caden was anxious to get out of his stroller. He loved the slide.
Cambree is such a good helper.
Brinley was too cool to be in the photo but these are the rest of the kids...minus Caden and Sienna, I guess too.
We had a picnic by the duck pond for lunch. The kids were loving the baby ducks.
After lunch, Angie took the younger kids to hang out at Tiff's house and I took the older kids to see Shawn at work at BYU.
Rob flew into town for a few days and we wanted to do an adult date. I found a Groupon for another getout-type game that we all decided to do. It was really fun and pretty tough but we got out! I liked the one we did for Tiffany's birthday better cuz there were some cool surprises.
Rob changed my phone screen to this scary pic!
We went out to lunch at Pizza Limone afterward. It was yummy!

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