Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Birthday-Old School Throwback Jam

Oh wow! A blog post all to myself. Let's see if I can make it spicy! ;)
I turned 36 this year! Shawn made me breakfast in bed and bought me a yummy cake from Costco and we celebrated around lunchtime. I had already bought myself a few shirts but the real celebration was happening later that night!

Scary/excited picture!
I drove up to Salt Lake with my sister, Tiffany, and my sis-in-law, Kristy, to meet up with my sister, Mandy, at a restaurant called Spitz. It was a Mediterranean  place with kabobs and sandwiches and dang it was good!! We didn't really even know what we were ordering but I went with the most popular and it was delish!

You get your food in a bread pan.
Mandy is gonna love this pic! Her sandwich was huge!
After dinner, we headed on Trax to the Vivant Center!! We were going to the Old School Jam!! I was SUPER excited! Tiff dressed the part but basically looked like teens nowadays.
There were some b-boys doing their thang outside.
To say we were excited was an understatement!
I mostly took lots of video so Shawn could see it. I know he would've liked to have gone but it was fun to have a girls night.
A guy called Candyman kicked it off. He was funny but we didn't know his songs. There was a lot of "Everyone say, Hey!" "Say Ho!" "Now everybody scream!" That's fun and that stuff almost doesn't get old...but does. ;) (I'm just going to copy from Tiffany's blog cuz I'm already forgetting stuff!)
Young M.C. was first and he sang some songs I didn't know and lots of people behind us were yelling, "Sing Bust It!" Each artist sang around 3 songs, so his last song was Bust a Move. That's what got it started for me! 
Then Color Me Badd came on and sounded good! They even danced! They sang some fun songs that they originally didn't sing but were old school so it was fun.
Tone Loc was supposed to be next, but he had some medical issues going on. I guess that's what you get when older people are entertaining! All of these singers had to be at least 50 (excluding Vanilla Ice - he had an early start) and they all sounded pretty good to me.
Then The Jets came on and they were really good! One of the guy's daughters sang along with his son who played the guitar. They all danced and brought back the old moves. Me and Mandy were really excited to see them because when Mandy was like, 3, she sang You Got it All in her little high pitched voice. I would dress her all up and do her hair so she could perform. Ahh...those were the days. 
Rob Base was next and we didn't know him or any of his songs, which was probably why he only sung really popular 90's songs! That was really fun! 
Salt n Pepa were next and they were by far my favorite! They had these 2 guy backup dancers who danced while they sang. They would sometimes dance with them too which was fun. Then they also did a little medley of other popular 90's songs that weren't by them that their DJ spun. One of the songs was a Michael Jackson song and one of the boy dancers did the Smooth Criminal lean!! Holla!
The Jets
We were sweaty from dancing and singing but having a ball!
Salt n Peppa
Then they had an intermission. In the row behind us, someone got beer dumped on them and it splashed a little on Kristy. Then later it happened again and the girl next to Kristy almost got in a fight with a girl behind us! Luckily she kept her cool and just walked out. The rest of evening nothing crazy happened, but we had fun watching drunk people.
Then after the intermission, Coolio came on, in all his glory with some crazy hair. His songs were lovely and he brought one of the top saxophone players who had a cool solo. Then he sang Gangster's Paradise.

After Coolio, the finale was Vanilla Ice. After just having a 20 minute intermission, he had all of this stuff to set up which took another 20 minutes... Why couldn't they have been doing that during the intermission?? Anyways, he sung some songs we didn't know and had this clown who was spraying water. It was all really weird. He didn't need any of that stuff. He's obviously cool enough to be the finale. Before he sang Ice Ice Baby, he asked the crowd if there was a song he should sing that wasn't Ice Ice Baby... Like, he only has 2 hits! Then he sang Ice Ice Baby and that was super awesome, but he didn't sound as well as the other artists. Finale bummer...
Vanilla Ice's crazy stage setup
After he was done, they released confetti and he kept singing other songs. We left because he is lame. :)
And that was that! I was so glad I got to go with my sisters and Kristy! We had so much fun! It was Mandy and Tiffany's first concert so there was a lot to live up to but they had a great time.  Happy Birthday to me!

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