Friday, August 12, 2016

Keaton & Summer's Wedding

Pretty much during my big Davis family reunion was Keaton's wedding. (Well not during but my sister was still in town so they were all doing something that day.) We couldn't miss it! And the fact that I was taking the pictures too, we definitely couldn't miss it!
They were married in the Payson Temple. The ceremony was beautiful. Her family is HUGE so it was quite the feat to get a picture of all of them there.

They had a fun luncheon at the church and then the reception was at a friend's yard. The yard was awesome and right by a pond. I got a billion mosquito bites!
Cute shoes!!
Drinks for dayzzz!
The dancing was off the hook! My kids were going crazy!

Be still my heart!
There was even a paddle boat for some entertainment. Of course, Uncle Kracker (Val) was all over that!

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