Thursday, August 11, 2016

June Mish-Mash

Oh, summer! The days are slower and longer. It's the best!
Right off, we dogsat Murphy for my sister-in-law for a few days. The first day, he pooped on the carpet. Cambree cleaned it right up and made sure to take him out more often.
Sorry, Cam. Not a good pic of you.
Caden loved him and he was so good with Caden bugging him.

I shot a wedding for a girl in our ward so Shawn brought Cambree and Sadie. They love weddings.
Sadie saw me taking pictures and wanted me to take one of her.

National donut day! I didn't even know but Jordan's mom knew so she got them donuts.
First swim of the season at Grandma Hancock's! We were there with cousins and found out you can only have 8 guests at their neighborhood pool even if non one else is there! So we left early. Old people are lame.
Easton is trying out t-ball! There are a few kids in the ward and Shawn is coaching so it's fun! They have no idea what they are doing but they are learning. They look so cute with that big helmet.
For the first game, Caden was content to just sit in his stroller. After that, he was all over the place.
Library day! I'm determined to not let Sadie's reading slip so we will have a library day all summer.

Pedicures with Nicole as per birthday tradition!!
 Brinley went to a birthday party at Space Camp. Lucky!! She LOVED it!!
Camp Kick-off! We made the banner for camp. The girls got to paint on a bee and sign it. It turned out cute!
Of course we had to go to Parade of Homes, as per tradition. The Curtises came with us. Lots of fun ideas and great homes.
Um, yeah. A superhero bowling alley in a house.
How cool is this? A wrapping station in the storage room. Just wrap all the Christmas presents in there! I loved it.
This house belonged to a family with a bunch of boys so the indoor trampoline, climbing wall, and bball court was a must!
These sinks were trippy!
We are Chip and Joanna Gaines fans so it was fun to see they painted the house in their brand.
We ended the night with dessert and rolls at Texas Roadhouse. Not the best place for dessert but the rolls rock.
Swimming lessons at the DeMille's. Easton pretty much rocked it. He and Trayden were in the same class and they were doing flips off the diving board and impressing the teachers. I wish they could be in lessons all summer. They love it!
Sadie did a cannonball!
Casey and Melanie came to California for fun. She stopped in Vegas and brought along Conrad. Melanie wanted to see some Parade of Homes so we had the boys hang out with us. We took them to the splash pad.
Caden was super unsure of the cold water.
Shawn and I went out to see the rest of the Parade of Homes. We couldn't miss seeing the Ninja Warrior gym!
More swim lessons! This time I got Easton's flip!
This was Family Home Evening. I took a picture cuz they were all crazy and not listening. Such is life.
We played Uno as a family. Caden looked so cute trying to see what was going on.
We had a girls night at the Scera theater to see The Little Mermaid. Our friends were there and saved us a front-row spot! Awesome!
The costumes and performance was amazing! Such a great show! It was like Disney quality!
Her dress had wheels!
Bubbles during Under the Sea
Sadie got brought up to dance
A pile of kids
Afterward, they let the kids come up to have their pictures taken with the characters.
For Tiff's birthday, she wanted to go to Getout Games with all the adults. It was really fun! At one point, my mom screamed cuz she was so surprised when we were figuring things out.
We did it!
We went to Rockwell Ice Cream after. The Muddy Buddy and Cookie Butter was yummy!
Swimming at Ryan's!

Easton was determined to stay on Dory.
J.J. and Kristy are trying to buy a house in our area so they have spent a few nights here and there. Justus helped pick cherries at Grandma's house and brought them here to sell. They sold out in an hour!
Caden is trying out nursery. I took him in early to get used to it. He did really well until a kid ran over his hand with a toy (he was still crawling). Since then, he's had trouble going.
He looks so big sitting in that big chair.
For Father's Day, we went to my parent's house for dinner. After that, we went to the park for a piƱata shirt thing. The kids all ran after the dads to get the candy off their shirts. David was too fast for everyone so he finally laid down and the kids ripped the candy off.
My baby is 17 months old! He now walks about 1/2 the time and crawls the other 1/2. It's so weird. I thought he would take off as soon as he figured out walking. He is getting his bottom eye-teeth. He only says baa for ball and wha for what's that. Everyone comments how super smiley he is!

He was having a hay-day riding around in the car.
Brinley's beehive teacher sent this to me. She said they were being really funny during the lesson. I'm hoping it was good and not disrespectful.
That's it for t-ball! Short and sweet! The kids were cute and did good.
June was good but went by way too fast!!

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