Sunday, August 7, 2016

Girls Camp - Way to BEE!!!

Oh boy! This is a doozy of a post! Girls camp is a blast and we always have too much fun, if that's even possible!
Stake Girls Camp was at Mutual Dell. The theme was Feast Upon the Words of Christ. The theme we were assigned was honey and the value was Integrity. Playing of the honey theme, we came up with the ward theme “Way to Bee” and they talked about Pres. Hinckley’s BEattitudes. Each ward had to make a food truck with supplies that the Stake provided before we went up to camp. We got to Mutual Dell on a Tuesday morning and set up camp.  This girls looked so cute in their Stake shirts.

After we set up camp, we went to a Stake Devotional and the Stake provided lunch…feast or famine style. Some girls got lots of food while others got PB&J. 
Some of the leaders dyed their hair purple!
I stood in line looking at what was in front of me...a brown paper bag. So I got my stuff and then looked over to these tables that were decorated so pretty and had lots of yummy food! I started to walk that way, but was told to go outside. I just thought our desserts would be outside. Nope! That was my lunch! And I was starving!!

Katrina got a feast and felt bad. She shared her brownie with me. So nice!
Later that day, we ate from the food trucks. Yum! Every ward had to design their truck. It was fun and ours was called The Purple Honey Pot.

I was over Brinley's tent. So I got to tell them what to do. :) They were a great help.
The highlight of the day was the Faith Walk. Sis. Bennett started off the night by giving a talk. Then, we read the page from the Book of Mormon that we were all given. I got 2 Nephi and some Isaiah verses. :/ So we read the whole Book of Mormon in 10 minutes. Then, we were split into smaller groups while slowly and quietly, we walked through the forest seeing different scenes from Christ’s life. Then, we were asked to hold onto the Iron Rod. We went through the mists of darkness, (I had to lead my group though and it was DARK!! And so hard to see!) through the large and spacious building, and through other scenes and had to listen to things that were hard to saying Joe Smith was a gold digger and stuff. My friend was towards the end with her husband. She was all cute and nice and told us to follow her. I almost did! I almost dropped the rod and followed her! Luckily, the other leader just kept saying to hold onto the rod. Finally, we reached the Tree of Life. A huge tree (a real tree! They put it together in pieces like a Christmas tree) was all lit up and we got some “fruit” (a glowing ornament with a Tree of Life necklace). A harpist was there dressed in white playing. We got to sit and ponder on what we saw. I waited and waited for Brinley to come through. I was so relieved when she made it! I know it was all pretend but in that moment, I just wanted to make sure my daughter made it.

The next day, we went river rafting. We drove to Provo Canyon and got into boats to ride down the Provo River. 
It was really fun to have Brinley there to experience all this with her.
We had to get in boats to get to where they put us in the river.

I didn't realize that they wouldn't have tour guides to take us down the river. Luckily, one of our priesthood men came in our boat so I wouldn't have to steer us down the river. That would've been bad! It was bad enough! The girls didn't paddle so well so we were bumping into rocks and trees a lot.

We ended at Vivian Park where we met up with other wards for lunch. Then, we hiked in the afternoon. 1st and 2nd years hiked Cascade Springs while 3rd and 4th years hiked Stewart Falls. I hiked Cascade Springs with Brinley. I've never done that hike before. 

It was SUPER hot!!!
So the falls felt good!

We got back exhausted and had dinner and skit practice. Then, it was time to perform the skits! We did a Willy Wonka Theme about Integrity. It was great! After skits, we had snacks from other wards’ food trucks.

Thursday was The Hunger Games (stake rotations)! We played different games or did challenges (bow & arrow, slackline, knots to get keys to open a box, giant Jenga, walk on boards, Kerplunk) and then solved a puzzle at the end to win. During the games, we were honored to hear from Bro. Durrant of the Seventy. Girls shared scriptures that they had been Ponderizing. After that, we had lunch and some down time. Later that afternoon, it was our ward’s turn to serve from our food truck. We served bread with honey butter. Yum! Then, we had a yummy dutch oven dinner that Bro. Hanson prepared. Yeah, so much food! There was a Stake Devotional/Fireside after that. Sis. Thackery from the YW General Board spoke. After her talk, we went back to camp to have testimony meeting.

The Integribeez!
After pretty much all the girls went to bed, the leaders were hyper! We had a bunch of bras from last year that we needed to put to good use so sneak up to the amphitheater and strung them around!

It was hard to take a selfie at night with all of us in it!
The next day we packed up, had a devotional, and came home. It was such a great experience! I loved every minute of it! The girls are great and I was so glad I got to go. My mom watched my kids for some of the time and Shawn took work off for some of it. I missed a t-ball game but I'm sure he didn't mind having Grandma watch him!

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