Friday, August 5, 2016

Girls Camp Preparations

I love girls camp and like to help however I can...or I volunteer to help and my girls actually do the work. ;) They made all the buttons for the girls to go on their backpacks. It's super fun to use that button maker.
As a pre-camp fireside, we got to go to Thanksgiving Point and see the new Light of the World exhibit. It wasn't even finished yet but we got to listen to the sculptor and walk around to see all the scenes of Jesus. It was amazing. I can't wait to go back and see it all finished.
This was a scene of the first vision.

Jesus walking on the water.

Jesus healing a blind man.
This was the woman taken in adultery. 

The woman with an issue of blood touching Jesus' clothes and being healed.

Jesus praying to God
Mary and Martha
As a hen gathereth her chickens...
I loved that I got to be there with Brinley. She has already seen miniature versions of the exhibit so she knew a lot of the stories. It was good that I could ask her if I wasn't sure what the sculpture was of.
Each ward was asked to decorate a food truck. We called our The Honey Pot. The Laurels did a great job decorating it.
For our service for girls camp, we went to the Food Coalition. We went the week before camp. We were asked to bring dessert, help serve and prepare food, and provide entertainment for 70 minutes. What?! That seemed like a lot to ask but our girls pulled through! Brinley played and sang a Journey song. A guy in the audience told her that he liked it. I'm sure she did great...we went at different times. Me for lunch and her for dinner. I needed her to babysit our kids so I could go.
It was a great experience to be around those that need a little more and to provide that service. The girls were so great and happy to serve! We can't wait for girls camp!

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