Sunday, August 7, 2016

Davis Family Reunion

A few days after girls camp was our Davis Reunion with all my extended family. Angie drove by herself with all her kids to come. She stayed at our house for a few days. My mom and dad were in charge of the whole thing. They made it simple and we hung out at Great Uncle Harry's pond one last time before they sell it.
Shawn was going to work a 1/2 day but our AC was having troubles so we worked a little bit and then came home to have a guy come look at it. He was SO great and looked at it and cleaned some stuff and didn't charge us. It's been working so much better ever since and now he has customers for life! We thought we'd be spending hundreds or thousands on a new system or something. So we were a little late to the reunion but were excited to get to Salem for some fun in the pond. The kids LOVED the kayaks and boats. Sadie was a rockstar at the paddle board.

Caden was still wobbly from still being new at walking so he stayed up on the beach and didn't go into the water. The 2nd day was a different story!

Annie and Sadie had so much fun together.
I love to love on baby Sienna! She is so squishy and cute!
My mom made up a Jeopardy game about Grandma and Grandpa Davis. It was fun to learn more about them.
Ok, so...the ride back to our house was eventful. We start driving DOWN the hill and our van starts to overheat. We turned on the heat and pulled over. It took a while for it to cool down. We started to go again and it overheated again! Ugh. So we pulled over to a parking lot to cool it off. I called Angie to see if she could take some of our kids home cuz it was going to be a long night and Caden was already fussy. She was able to squeeze in 2 kids. Cambree volunteered to go home with Caden and put him to bed. So that worked out. My parents were staying in Springville but called to see what they could do to help. They offered to tow us but Shawn didn't want to do that. He thought we would just start and stop and go home really slowly. We were able to go about 3 miles before it would overheat. We made it to the freeway but it started to overheat. I called my parents to ask them to take the kids home. They were happy to. So it was just Shawn and I. We got off the freeway and then had to pull over. I told him that we might be doing more damage by pushing it so we called a tow place. It was pretty pricey to have it towed to AF where Shawn wanted to take it. So we asked my parents to tow us. They already drove to Cedar Hills but were willing to come and get us and SLOWLY tow us. They were SO awesome to do that! It took us an hour to get there! It was almost midnight when we finally got home. But how were we going to get our family back to the reunion? I remembered that Lynnette has Shawn's parent's van so we were able to borrow that for 2 days. That was a blessing!

It was getting dark and I was getting frustrated with waiting for the car to cool off.
The next day, Brinley had a piano lesson and then we were able to go back to the pond. The kids played and played all afternoon!

Caden wasn't as content to just play on the beach so Shawn took him for a ride in the boat.
My parents looked so cute on the boat.
So many kids! Such a great view!

Cambree was super scared to try paddle boarding but she tried so I was happy.
The good 'ole treehouse. Many sleepovers in there. :)

For the rest of the afternoon, my mom made up a scavenger hunt of important places that my grandma and grandpa had been.
This was the house my grandma was raised in.
We stopped by a building that is now a rest home but was my grandma's elementary school.
We had to put together a puzzle there.
We ended up at the Spanish Fork Cemetery to find headstones of relatives.
Brinley chased down Caden. I love having older kids!
After getting a frosty, we found our way to the Salem Cemetery. My brother was named after James Jordan Davis. We sat and read about his life.
After the scavenger hunt, we ended up at the Salem Pond. There was a catered dinner there and the kids played in the park and with their cousins. It was so fun to see my cousins again! I love to talk to  them and see how they are doing. It's fun to have our kids all play together too.
Cambree made a little water path at the Salem pond. I guess she still didn't get enough beach play!
When we came home, we were locked out!! For whatever reason, Brinley decided to lock the garage door and Shawn didn't have his keys cuz we were driving his parents' van and I didn't have a key cuz I guess I never got it back from Brinley when we went to Hawaii. It was the perfect storm. Our bedroom's window was unlocked so we asked neighbors to borrow a ladder. Just was Shawn was about to climb up, Brinley tried carding the garage door and got in. So many blessings and prayers (and money!) were answered that week! We are so grateful!

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