Sunday, August 14, 2016

4th of July with the Davises

Small towns are the best for parades and 4th of July celebrations and we always go to Tooele to celebrate the 4th. We got to my parent's house the night before to hang out beforehand. Angie was there with her family and J.J. and Kristy were living there too so it was a party!
Cambree found the typewriter and thought it was so cool!
The kids slept out in the tents. My dad set up 3 tents for all the kids but Easton and Spencer ended up coming in before they fell asleep. Figures. It was too loud anyway with fireworks going off.
The parade was the next morning. My dad had reserved a great spot to watch it.
It's so fun to see a bunch of cousins all lined up to get candy.
A Minion!!
In the afternoon, we played some volleyball at the church and then let the kids go wild with the water balloons.
BBQ! All kids outside!! ;)
The famous holiday jello dessert
Kristy wanted to do Annie's hair like a star so we all did it to the girls...except Brinley.

It was getting dark and we needed to get home since church was the next morning. So we did a few fireworks before we left. The kids were all organized with a squirt bottle to cool off the firework and a trash picker-upper.
Smoke bombs!

As we drove home, Cambree thought the sunset was gorgeous and took a picture over the Great Salt Lake.

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