Sunday, August 28, 2016


We REALLY wanted to go to Lagoon last year because the new ride, Cannibal, was opening. The day we set to go, it wasn't open yet so we scrapped the idea and decided to go this year. It was perfect! Cambee didn't want to ride the big rides and she could stay and ride little rides with Easton. Sadie was tall enough to ride Cannibal and other big rides and she wanted to so it worked out perfectly. My mom and dad were watching Mandy's kids for her while they celebrated their anniversary so we just dropped Caden off to her too. That was SOOOO nice that he didn't have to come. He can hardly ride any rides anyway.
We started off the day with Cannibal so the lines wouldn't be too long. Cambree refused so it was just us 4. It was seriously SO scary! Sadie said it was fun but scary and didn't want to ride it again. I didn't blame her!
Samauri! We got Cambree to ride it but afterward she felt sick. Oops! I wasn't able to get on with them so I got on after them.
It was SO HOT!! I was dripping! So I welcomed the airplane ride to cool off.
We could all ride The Bat!
More roller coasters...
We took a little break and the kids rode a few kiddie rides.
Cambree squeezed into this jeep!
These two are so cute!
We ran into Brinley's friend, Rachel. We rode Rattlesnake Rapids together and she took this picture after.
Cambree took Easton to some kiddie rides while we rode some roller coasters.
Colossus had no wait! So we went on it twice.
Easton said he rode the cars with this little girl. Her mom was glad he took care of her.
The others rode Wild Mouse while Easton and I went on the Rock-o-Plane.
Wicked was wicked-fun!! Sadie wasn't scared to try anything!
Shawn took the kids on the train while Brinley and I went on Cliffhanger. Ugh. Worse ride ever. You hang upside-down too long!
The kids heard some teens singing pop songs and they just HAD to stop and watch. Easton heard a few songs and was sad they weren't doing his favorite song, Uptown Funk. Right after that, they played it!
This melts my heart! We were going into a haunted ride and all the kids went together. But I LOVE how they were holding hands!
We ALL got to ride the Skyscraper! But it wasn't without bickering! Cambree did NOT want to spin around but the others did.
Shawn went with the littles to take them on some rides. Brinley and Cambree wanted to ride Rattlesnake Rapids one more time. We went over there but the line was TOO long so we went on the swings.
Mom sent me pictures of my sweet boy eating dinner. I missed him! She said he was good though. Whew! I was a little worried with how much he hates nursery.
The cars were my favorite when I was little! The kids couldn't believe how old Lagoon is!
Easton and Sadie had to have their own cars.
The last ride of the night! Puff the Magic Dragon...
It was a perfect day!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Caden - 18 Months Old

My baby just keeps growing! Caden turned 18 months old! He is 28 lbs (92nd percentile) and 34 inches (also 92nd percentile). Here's what he's been up to:
-He is cutting his final four teeth now.
-Caden is LOVING his freedom of walking and still has the cute baby toddle-walk.
-The only words he says: ball, no-no, mom, and da.
-He can give high-fives and sometimes waves hi.
-Caden takes one long afternoon nap, thank goodness!!
-He loves dogs! Whenever we see them he gets really excited.
-We tried starting him early in Nursery but he wasn't having it. He still cries and cries when we leave him. He is pretty attached to me.
-He has got an arm on him! He throws everything (cars are NOT so good to be throwing) and loves playing with balls. Even balls as big as he his.
-Easton loves to wrestle with him. I always think he's hurting him but Caden usually comes up laughing or squealing.

We love our Caden!
He was crazy on his photo shoot. He just wanted to walk all over the park. So Shawn decided to put him in the tree and hang on to him. That worked out pretty well. You can actually see Brinley's shirt in one picture. Funny! At then end, we just let him run! He was loving it!