Sunday, July 10, 2016

King Bidgood's in the Bathtub

Well this was the last concert for Cambee...unless she decides she wants to dance again but I doubt it. She wants to try other things like volleyball and basketball. I'm kind of sad but I don't want her to do things that she doesn't love. Hopefully Sadie will stick to it!
Sadie went with friends to dress rehearsal so I took Cambree later. She loves to perform!
First performance! Sadie is ready to go!

J.J.'s family just moved a week ago to Tooele to stay with my parents while they find a home to buy. Kristy and Annie were excited to come watch the performance.

They are adorable!!
Cambree is obsessed with her costume sleeves.

Sadie was a grape...
She is off by herself with the funky elbows. :)
Cambree was a crow. It was a darling dance.
She is getting so fun to watch...It's a bummer is is quitting.
Sadie was also was a masquerade attendee.
And the older dancers that are so fun to watch.
Curtain call!
Shawn came the last night. Not many people came to watch since the shows aren't free anymore. It was nice not to have to race to get seats though.

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