Sunday, July 31, 2016

Brinley is 13...Teenager in the house!

Yeah, so that happened...and now I feel old. Luckily, she's been a great teenager thus far but it's only been about 2 months. :)
Let's see...things that Brinley has been up to within this last year...I might repeat things from last year because she doesn't change too much. :)
-She is a smart girl...she does really well in school if she applies herself. She says school is easy so she doesn't need to try. :) I think 7th Grade was a little harder for her...mostly just turning in her assignments on-time. Hopefully, 8th Grade will push her more.
-Brinley wants to be an adult. She always wants to stay up late and talk to Shawn and I. She stays up WAY TOO late just to prove she can.
-She LOVES movies! Just like her dad. She is way into Marvel movies (not like her dad) and Star Wars. What teenager isn't right now?
-She LOVES BYU football! Just like her dad.
-She really likes YW's (what Beehive doesn't?).
-Brinley still likes soccer and likes to play goalie the most.
-She BEGS for voice lessons but I think the school choir is good enough for now. She made it into an audition-only all girls choir for school next year.
-She is getting really good at piano and has played some pretty hard pieces. She doesn't play them perfect but isn't afraid of the challenge.
-She definitely isn't a girly-girl. She wears some mascara (sometimes), just brushes her hair, doesn't care about shaving (she doesn't have much hair on her legs...lucky!), and pretty much wears t-shirts and jeans everyday.
-She is way into music. She likes all different kinds, except country. The radio has to be going all the time in the car and she can often be found wearing ear buds.
-Brinley has found a love for family history. Her grandma taught her how to do it and she has loved going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Sometimes by herself.

It's crazy that I have such a grown-up kid but I love it! She is a good one to start off with. She is such a good girl!

She insisted on some bloopers for her "wallpaper" on her phone (that she can only use internet and text on...yeah we are mean parents).

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Brinley's Birthday

It was Brinley's 13th birthday this year! Whoa. I have a teenager. Yikes! For her birthday she wanted was to have a movie-a-thon. So she set the whole thing up and invited 2 friends over and had an approved list of PG-13 movies to watch. I gave her money to go to the store to buy some treats. It was a crazy week with dance so I was glad that she took care of her party. They had a good time and I hardly saw them! Easy-peasy!
My brother and his family moved back from Arizona that week too. So they were staying at our house off and on. On Brinley's actual birthday (Saturday), it was the Cedar Hills parade. My brother's family came to watch and then they quickly left to go house hunting. It's the perfect parade. Just short enough and candy!

The motorcycle policemen were driving down the street giving high-fives to the kids. Easton got missed, not once but twice! So he threw himself down on the grass and threw a fit. Classic.
He quickly recovered when the parade started and he got candy.
The Orem Owl
Our Stake Girls Camp had a float. Their food truck! That was fun!
The girls waved to the royalty.
Captain Jack Sparrow!
After the parade, we went back to the house and Brinley opened her presents. She wanted the new Star Wars movie, a Star Wars t-shirt, and my old cell phone. :) It still only texts so actual cell phone service.
In the afternoon, Brinley volunteered to help with the children's games. She's so great to do that on her bday. I took Easton and Sadie over to play some games. They got obsessed with the prizes and played them a few times to get the prizes they wanted.
She wanted cheesecake for her birthday cake.
It was a busy day with the girls' concert that night but we got home in time for the city fireworks. It was a perfect day to end her birthday.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

King Bidgood's in the Bathtub

Well this was the last concert for Cambee...unless she decides she wants to dance again but I doubt it. She wants to try other things like volleyball and basketball. I'm kind of sad but I don't want her to do things that she doesn't love. Hopefully Sadie will stick to it!
Sadie went with friends to dress rehearsal so I took Cambree later. She loves to perform!
First performance! Sadie is ready to go!

J.J.'s family just moved a week ago to Tooele to stay with my parents while they find a home to buy. Kristy and Annie were excited to come watch the performance.

They are adorable!!
Cambree is obsessed with her costume sleeves.

Sadie was a grape...
She is off by herself with the funky elbows. :)
Cambree was a crow. It was a darling dance.
She is getting so fun to watch...It's a bummer is is quitting.
Sadie was also was a masquerade attendee.
And the older dancers that are so fun to watch.
Curtain call!
Shawn came the last night. Not many people came to watch since the shows aren't free anymore. It was nice not to have to race to get seats though.