Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Victoria & Austin's Wedding

Tis the season for weddings!! Victoria and Austin got married! They were married in the Payson temple. The kids hung out at Jody's house during the ceremony and then came for the luncheon at the church. I don't even know who took these pictures but Victoria is so great to hold Caden while she ate!

Sadie got to be the flower girl at Victoria's wedding. I was the photographer. It was SUPER hot and it about killed me but I do love doing weddings. It's just fun to see 2 people in love!
She got to hand out the bubbles. Lynnette told her she would have to do that a few days before and she was so nervous about it! Cambree helped her and she did just fine.

We told Sadie to give Austin a kiss...she didn't think that was a good idea. Haha!

Shawn brought the kids for a little bit of the reception but Caden didn't get much of a nap so Shawn took them all home and then came back to get me, Cambee, and Sadie at the end of the night.

The Italian sodas were good!

Party Time!

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