Sunday, June 26, 2016

May Mish-Mash

May is always pretty crazy with school activities. Put that with more photo shoots and it's crazy! Luckily, it wasn't too bad this year.

To start off the month right, Brinley chopped her hair! It looks great and is so much healthier.

Every month there is always a preschool post. Easton got to be a pirate at Lila's house. They even searched for a treasure.

They were trying to break open the little treasures to get money out.
The annual Cougar Walk at the elementary school. It was Sadie's first time. She was excited to run!
They had a sticker on their backs to mark how many laps they did.
My cute boys came with me to watch.
She was hot and tired but happy afterwards. Go Sadie!
We went to the family celebration that night with food trucks, bounce houses, raffles, and face painting, of course.

Shawn and the kids spoil me for Mother's Day. Always breakfast in bed (a big one at that!) and lots of homemade gifts and cards.
Cambree's card cracked me up:
Selfie stick picture with me and my kids! Love them!
Then Sadie had to pose for a few.
And Caden wearing Brinley's glasses was just too cute!
The next day we went to Shawn's parent's house to celebrate Mother's Day with Barbara. We planted flowers, made dinner, and had Family Home Evening. While planting flowers, we found 9 little ducklings in the window well. We rescued them and they were reunited with their mom. The kids thought that was pretty cool. They would walk in a line behind Easton when he would run. It was cute!
Brinley gave a great object lesson about having good friends. The static on the balloon attracted the pepper. It was a hit!

Dessert time!
Brinley had a choir concert at the Junior High. It was packed with parents! Brinley's class did a fun Disney medley. They are pretty good! Next year she will be in Bone Voce. She tried out for it and got in.
If you're on the ground, you will get climbed on!
I went looking for locations at a park in Lehi. We found these cute fairy houses! What a fun find!
For preschool, I had the letter Z. Ugh. We had zig-zag didn't go as well as I thought it would.
Sadie is our only kid so far that likes to roller skate. So Shawn took her out for a date skating. She had been begging! They had fun! I'm glad Shawn can roller blade with her since I'm no good!
Cambree had this whole thing set up outside. She said they were homeless. Haha!
Someone taught Sadie how to write in cursive! I think it was Cambree. My Kindergartner knows cursive!
Cambree decided to do her lesson about missions for FHE. She had Shawn pull out his mission stuff. The kids loved it!
We have had the most beautiful skies lately! Lots of rainbows! This double one was right outside our window!
This kid is now 16 months. Still nothing new. No walking. No real words. He is officially the slowest walker in the family...unless you count me. I was 18 months. :) He is definitely the baby of the family! We all adore him!
Shawn and I went to a BYU Baseball game. His brother Ryan was the guest host doing the commentary for the game. So that was fun. It brought back memories of Shawn playing there. It was a little rainy but it was still a fun game. It got right down to the last inning and BYU got the win! It was awesome!

A duck flew onto the field. They chased it around a bit before it flew off.
Cambree's last game was rainy!! Shawn took Brinley to her game which was at the same time so I kept all the kids in the car and they watched a movie while I watched the game from the car.
Caden thought it was pretty fun to be out of his carseat.
My 2 boys! They will be great friends when they get older. Right now, Easton tackles him. Luckily, he likes it. Oh! I can't wait until he walks so he doesn't get holes in his pants!
He walks! 16 months and 3 days old! But he still prefers to crawl more than walk. I guess it's faster.
The YW had a End of School BBQ and outdoor movie. They watched Once I was a Beehive but most of them preferred to just talk and jump on the trampoline.
See? Still crawling.
J.J.'s family moved back to Utah!!! We are SO happy about it! They are living with my parents in Tooele until they find a house. They stayed at our house for a few days to look at houses near us. We hope they end up around here. That would be so fun!
We met them at the park so they could play in the creek.
We had my family over for Memorial Day minus mom and dad since they were in Europe. We played and had a BBQ. Very typical.
Caden loves to go outside and if there is a ball then he REALLY wants out!
The kids ate their food outside. We crammed them all on that tiny table.
Sadie and Annie LOVED being together.
I got my lens fixed so I was testing it with my cute subject.
May was good but now it's time for summer!!!

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