Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last Days of School

These kids know how to party when school is getting out!
Easton's last day of our little neighborhood preschool was a water party! He was excited to play and it was nice outside. They had water balloons, squirt bottles, a pool, bubbles, and pinwheels. No one is as excited for preschool to be over than me!! Wahoo!!
Sadie's Kindergarten graduation was short and sweet. They sang a few songs, said the thing they loved most about Kindergarten, and watched a short slideshow.
Sadie and Eden have become great friends.
I loved Sadie's necklace that her teacher made. It was full of little toys.
Mrs. Jesperson was a great teacher. She is so sweet.
The Kindergarteners had a water party for the last day of school. I wasn't originally going to help out with it but Sadie really wanted me to and my afternoon was available. I ran the water balloon game station. They had water kickball, snow cones, and a water gun station.

Last day of school for Cambree! These 3 walked home together and then I didn't see them all day!
Jordan's mom took them all to Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch. They loved it!
Brinley went to party after party and babysat all on the last day of school. It's party time!!!

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