Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Break-Goblin Valley Style-Day 2 & 3

Oh yeah! Goblin Valley! I wish Goblin Valley was closer to anything but it's not! So we started the hour drive to get there. It was the busiest I'd ever seen it but we came when some people were eating. We quickly ate and the kids rushed down to the valley. Angie's kids haven't ever been there before so they were chomping at the bit to get down there. Shawn and I were slower to get down and it took us a little while to find them but we did.

The kids started playing Hide-n-Seek but realized pretty quickly that it's a little dangerous trying to run on such uneven ground. We found another spot so they could play Sardines. They played that for awhile.
These pics were both cute and I couldn't decide which one to post. My boys!
Do you think we like BYU? We all have something on that is BYU (except Easton and Caden).
Shawn tried to be up high so he could see where they hid and so no one would get lost!
The group! (minus Shawn who took the picture)
My favorite peeps.
After a few hours, we called it quits and came home. Our family was in charge of dinner. We made tacos. The kids had baths and played games. We let them stay up a bit later since it was their last night together.
The next day was supposed to be stormy. Angie had a long drive ahead of her so she went straight home. Our drive wasn't as long so we went into Capitol Reef one last time. We wanted to see the impressive petroglyphs.

Blossoms and red rock!
We also stopped at the old schoolhouse.
I really wanted to get some blossom pictures. My phone camera doesn't do them justice. Last time we were here, we were able to pick peaches to eat but it's too early for fruit.
On our way out, we stopped at Panorama Point. It's such a pretty lookout.
Shawn hiked WAY out onto a rock platform...

Can you even see him?

...then the kids wanted to join him. I was pretty nervous about it but that's how much I trust my husband. :)
Then the rain started coming down! We left to come home. It was a perfect, little trip!

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