Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Break-Capitol Reef Style-Day 1

Well I felt kinda bad that Shawn and I had taken off to Hawaii and really hoped we could go somewhere for Spring Break. It took some begging of different people to go with us so we could afford to go and split costs but it worked out. My sister gave in to my begging...I didn't even really have to beg and I asked her while she was in Hawaii. Maybe that's why!
We decided to go later that week after conference. Cambree dogsat a neighbor's dog for the first few days of spring break. Brinley stayed at my parent's house after conference to do some family history with her. We just relaxed, cleaned a little, and prepared for our trip.
We left Wednesday around noon for the short 3 hour trip to Capitol Reef. It's such short distance that we should go there more. We arrived and got comfortable, had dinner, and waited until the Pattersons arrived.
The lady whose how we rented was so kind to make tons of beds for all the kids. Everyone had a bed!
We also found a nearby park we walked to. The kids had a great time playing there after dinner.

First time on a swing (probably)!
We put the kids to bed after that and the Pattersons got there around 9:30.
The next morning, we packed lunches and headed out to Capitol Reef. We decided to start the day with the biggest hike. Brinley insisted on carrying Caden. The hike started straight up so she lasted that long and then Shawn got him. She is tough!
That's our group! (Rob was out of town so Angie did this all by herself!)
Cohab Canyon hike is pretty with a pretty view of Fruita and pretty views throughout. We parked Angie's van at the end of the trail and then all packed in our van to get to the starting point. It was a great plan so we didn't have to hike back!
After that hike, we chilled by the river under the overpass and ate lunch. We chilled there for a long time while Shawn and Angie drove back to get our van to bring it back to this parking lot. We were going to hike Hickman Bridge next.
It was getting pretty hot for our next hike and we probably should've packed more water. It wasn't an easy hike for Easton but he made it. Brinley wanted to hike with Caden again.
The domed rock behind them is how Capitol Reef got it's name. It looks like the Capitol.
Angie and I walked way behind the others with Easton and Spencer. They really struggled. It was getting old trying to find new ways to motivate them.
They thought this rock formation looked like a shell.
We made it! Hickman Bridge!
After that hike, we went to the little town area to get some ice cream. Shawn also lost the rental keys there but we miraculously found them in the weeds. He was throwing the keys and the key ring fell apart and the keys came off!
The kids were wiped out by this point so we decided no more hikes! But there was a scenic drive so we decided to do that. It was SO worth it! It was like we were hiking in a canyon but we got to drive it. :) It was beautiful.
We got to the end and there was a hike that you could do to look at the Pioneer register. They signed the rock when they came into Capitol Reef. Angie was sure most of her kids didn't want to hike so she stayed behind while Shawn, Brinley, Colden, and I hiked to it. It was an easy hike and pretty short but I was glad the rest of the kids didn't go. Shawn, Brinley and Colden wanted to hike to The Tanks. I felt bad for leaving Angie by herself with all the kids so I hiked back.
It was a beautiful hike!
The register
Shawn said hiking to The Tanks was pretty much uphill so it wasn't as easy. Pictures also made the water look more inviting but they said it was very murky.
Meanwhile, I came back to all the kids crushing rocks and playing around the bottom of the canyon. They were having a ball! Angie said they were all being so good. Caden had woken up from his nap in the car but Cambree got out the stroller and put him in it. She totally took care of him for her.
After Shawn and the pre-teens :) came back, it was getting late. We wanted to see Goosenecks (a lookout) on our way out so we did that really quick. We fit a lot into that first day!!
My cute family!
Sister selfie (with Liam!)
It's just too fun having cousins about your same ages so they were always switching cars back and forth.
We made it back and Angie made gourmet hot dogs for dinner. The kids went to bed pretty good which was our plan all along! Get them wiped out so they sleep well. :) The adults stayed up talking and shortly after we went to bed, Caden started crying. We couldn't get him to settle down (he did this when we stayed at my mom's house). Easton was sharing a room with us and it woke him up too. He was getting so loud and couldn't stop so Shawn took him on a drive. He didn't have to drive too far before he finally settled down and was able to go back to sleep in his play pen. Ugh. I don't know what his deal is but I hope it doesn't last!

I was going to put it all in one post but it's getting too long!

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Tiffany said...

Wow, you did fit a lot into one day! It sounded exhausting, but like the views were worth it!