Sunday, May 8, 2016

April General Conference

We always gather to watch General Conference at my parent's house. It makes it chaotic but I just read or watch the talks again so it's mostly just a fun chance to be all together. We were able to get there Friday night and so did everyone else! It was fun to be with everyone all weekend long.
Brinley took a panorama pic of everyone doing nothing.
All the kids beg to hold Sienna! She spit up on Sadie when she finally got to hold her.
In between conferences, we had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. My parents have the best yard to hide eggs.
It's super hard to get them all looking at the camera.
While the men were at the Priesthood session, I did pictures for Avery and Kylie and then mom made chocolate bunnies with the other grandkids.
I swear she likes me but was sad a lot. I was trying my best to console her.
The last session they were finally all quiet while doing puzzles.
Just playing some old-school video games.
Another way we kept them quiet is the iPad. That worked wonderfully!
It's always fun to spend time with family and it's even better to mix it with gospel teachings. It's great to hear what other people learn from conference. It's gives me new insights on what is being talked about.

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