Sunday, May 15, 2016

April MishMash

The days are flying by! Here's what we did in April:
Actually, we did this back in February. Cambree wanted her room re-done for her birthday which was in October. We didn't have time until February to do it. We did it on President's Day weekend. And I'm posting it now because we finally put stuff up on the walls so it's done now. Turquoise seems to be in! It looks a lot like Brinley's room now.

Shawn got to go to an Alumni game with Ryan at BYU. He loved it!
The first few days of spring break, we got to watch the neighbor's dog, Sugar. Cambree was SUPER excited about it. She is a good dog but did wake us up in the middle of the night a few times. Caden loved the dog too.

Caden will wake up and make a few noises but then just sit in his bed and do who-knows-what. We don't let him have his binkies except to go to sleep. After we get him out, he'll make his way back upstairs to find a binky. He usually will find one but gets made if he doesn't.

Melanie and Moe were in town the week after spring break. We got together for Sunday dinner (and then a movie on Tuesday night). Melanie got everyone to play the Shoe Game.
Lynnette is fostering some African refugees. They are brothers ages 15 and 17. They don't speak a lot of English but they LOVE babies! They quickly learned Caden's name and would sing and play with him. It was getting late and Caden had had enough so that's why he doesn't look too happy in this picture...and I wish it wasn't blurry.
Easton had a veterinarian day at preschool. They brought a stuffed animal and gave it a check up. They ate their snacks in a doggie dish. So funny!
My niece, Victoria, volunteered to watch our kids overnight sometime. I thought it was a perfect time to do it for Shawn's birthday. We found a cheap/nice hotel in Sandy. It was nice to just get away for a bit even if it wasn't far away. Brinley ended up watching them the most. Victoria's fiance twisted his ankle on their date that night so she was helping him. Oh well. She was there to spend the night so that was good.
Our view...too bad I didn't know they had a pool!
Easton is getting another haircut. He loves those!
Easton bought a kite from the Family Store. The weather was nice an windy to fly it.
V is for Volcano! These ladies in my ward do the best things for preschool! I certainly lack in that area!
So now that Caden can do stairs, he is up and down them all the time. I loose him now. He loves to throw balls down and then bring them back up or not. Sometimes he stays down there and I don't know where he is. SO different from Easton. He wouldn't (and still doesn't) leave my side.
Caden is also 15 months old! He still isn't walking. Very soon though...I know I keep saying that. He has a ton of teeth and consistently (finally!) sleeps through the night. No words yet but tons of gibberish. He thinks he is saying something. He knows what no means and she's his head "no". He says uh-oh (more like huh-huh) when he drops something. He is definitely the family favorite right now! When Brinley was gone for a few days, when she came back she only wanted to see and hold Caden. She didn't miss the rest of us. :)
More preschool fun (seems like that's all this post is about)! Western day at Trayden's. They lassoed animals, made cowboy hats and ate dirt cups. Easton's favorite thing was the dirt cups.
Cambree REALLY wanted to see the musical the High School was putting on. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat. So we went as a mother-daughter date. It was SO good! Even a real camel walked the stage!
We had to mop the floor and this was how Cambree wanted to contain Caden...
We went to a friend's 30th surprise party. Easton thought this was a good hiding place...but he didn't last long hiding there.
15 month checkup! Everything looks great! He is 32 1/2 inches tall (89th percentile) and 24 lbs 12 oz (76th percentile).
More before and afters! We needed to redo our bathroom ever since we got our new flooring last year. We were done with the black and just needed to put up the beadboard. It looks fabulous (although now I want a new sink)!
Mom! Take a picture of us! We've had the umbrellas out a lot this month. It rained and rained!
"Look, mom! I can climb the wall!"
Messing around with my lens that's on the fritz. I hardly ever get out my good camera for the everyday stuff. I'm lame.
Love his fuzzy hair!
A guy in our ward is in the MoTab and he had some extra tickets to their Spring Concert so we decided to go. We ate at the Lion House beforehand (I've never been there before) and then headed over. The Orchestra at Temple Square performed and then the choir joined them. It was beautiful. My favorite was a piece about the Prodical Son.
April was good to us! Let's see what May is like!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Break-Goblin Valley Style-Day 2 & 3

Oh yeah! Goblin Valley! I wish Goblin Valley was closer to anything but it's not! So we started the hour drive to get there. It was the busiest I'd ever seen it but we came when some people were eating. We quickly ate and the kids rushed down to the valley. Angie's kids haven't ever been there before so they were chomping at the bit to get down there. Shawn and I were slower to get down and it took us a little while to find them but we did.

The kids started playing Hide-n-Seek but realized pretty quickly that it's a little dangerous trying to run on such uneven ground. We found another spot so they could play Sardines. They played that for awhile.
These pics were both cute and I couldn't decide which one to post. My boys!
Do you think we like BYU? We all have something on that is BYU (except Easton and Caden).
Shawn tried to be up high so he could see where they hid and so no one would get lost!
The group! (minus Shawn who took the picture)
My favorite peeps.
After a few hours, we called it quits and came home. Our family was in charge of dinner. We made tacos. The kids had baths and played games. We let them stay up a bit later since it was their last night together.
The next day was supposed to be stormy. Angie had a long drive ahead of her so she went straight home. Our drive wasn't as long so we went into Capitol Reef one last time. We wanted to see the impressive petroglyphs.

Blossoms and red rock!
We also stopped at the old schoolhouse.
I really wanted to get some blossom pictures. My phone camera doesn't do them justice. Last time we were here, we were able to pick peaches to eat but it's too early for fruit.
On our way out, we stopped at Panorama Point. It's such a pretty lookout.
Shawn hiked WAY out onto a rock platform...

Can you even see him?

...then the kids wanted to join him. I was pretty nervous about it but that's how much I trust my husband. :)
Then the rain started coming down! We left to come home. It was a perfect, little trip!