Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March MishMash

March seemed to be a long month. Probably because the boys got sick. Sickness seems to make the days creep by.
On March 1st, Easton got sick. He got tested for the flu and RSV. At the hospital, they stuck a swab up his nose. He HATED that! He ended up having RSV which was better of the two but I was worried for Caden. I hoped he wouldn't get it but....
...he did! When I was taking Easton for a follow-up, it was a Friday and I decided to have them check Caden. They said he sounded tight and had RSV. So we got him right on the nebulizer and his breathing never did get bad or scary so that was a relief. It just lasted a while.
The YW go to the temple every 1st Friday. I love that Brinley loves to go. She got her friend Aubrey to go for the first time.
Dr. Seuss's birthday! Sadie made a big, tall hat!
We did the Fry Challenge for FHE. We divided into 2 teams and we each had to go to 3 different places and try to be the first ones back. Then we did a taste-test to see if we could tell where the fries came from. The kids thought this was super fun!
Brinley took FOREVER in Wendy's. She said they put in a new batch of fries so she had to wait for them to cook. Lame. That's why we lost coming back. We thought we won but Shawn hid the car. I was doing the same thing! We are so sneaky!

Sadie is really competitive and SO sad she lost!
The winners got more Girl Scout cookies than the losers. We pull out all the stops around here. ;)
What the? I found two pieces of bread in the bathroom cabinet. No one will fess up.
Another fun day in preschool (but not at our house cuz I'm lame)! They were scientists!
Brinley needed kids to take to her CTE class. Easton and Brayden came. They had a farm theme. Easton said it was boring (that's his new word) but they were all smiles when I came to get them.
Still doing nebulizer treatments. I also just don't want to forget how tiny his hands are. My last baby.
We got to go to Sienna's blessing! Well, Shawn stayed home with Caden and Easton since they had RSV and we didn't hold Sienna in case we were carriers. But I was glad we could still go. She is such a cutie!
Shawn is excited about the new BYU baseball coach. The team is doing really well. They also got to go to a game for work.
Youth Conference!! We decided to do a winter one this year. That way, we could get it over with ;) and do some different things. I wasn't going to go but they didn't have enough leaders going and they needed drivers. I was happy to come. It was only a Friday night until Saturday afternoon. We stayed at the Timp Lodge in Provo Canyon. It was awesome! It was huge! The girls all slept in beds upstairs and the boys slept on floors/pool table downstairs. We were up way too late but made some fun memories.
Feeding all the youth is a BIG job! We did pizza for dinner. Genius!
We had a ping-pong tournament. Bishop Fluhman won!
After all the craziness, we settled down because Elder Durrant from the 70 was coming to talk to us about Ponderizing. His brother is in the bishopric in our ward so we have connections. He asked the youth about which scripture they chose and why. It was very interactive and fun.
After that, it was all fun and craziness again!
Wow! That's a big group!
The next morning, we had different rotations for them to go through...a time capsule, a team game, and a service project. Then, we packed up to go to Soldier Hollow to go tubing. I've never done that before but it was a blast!! We had a few girls and leaders going down and we never got stuck so the girls wanted to go with us but the more you have the more you get stuck. At one point, the bishops decided to make a HUGE train with all the youth. Yeah, it didn't work out so well with some falling off the side and getting stuck every hill. But good memories. :)
We paid for 2 hours on the sledding hill but most of the youth were done before our time was up! I wasn't going to stop! I didn't have kids to take care of so I was loving it! The leaders were the last ones on the hill. Haha!
We had Stake Conference this month. I had an engagement shoot coming up and wanted to check out Tibble Fork. It was a bit chilly but we got out to throw rocks in the lake.

And sometimes when you have 5 kids you don't check with all of them to make sure they bring their jackets. So Sadie was cold!
The girls got out all their legos and wanted to put them all together. I thought that sounded fun and they let me put the RV together since it is and easy one. :) It is so fun! I couldn't stop until I was done with it. I want to do more!
My Brinley is an awesome one! She found names that needed work done for them at the temple. So she went and did baptisms all by herself. I just dropped her off.
Caden has been playing with something other than balls...legos! He'll sit and play with them for awhile.
He's also learning to walk! Finally! I thought he would walk while we were in Hawaii but he's a cautious one. 14 months and still not walking by himself.
BYU Basketball is doing really well. We wanted to go to a game and went with the Dunns to a NIT game at the Marriott. It was a really fun game and we won!
Blurry pic but you get the point.
Every Monday I help out in Sadie's Kindergarten class. I do Take Home Reading and help with their writing but on this day, some of them got an extra recess so she had me go out with those kids while the others wrote their stories.
Her new thing is the hula-hoops.
Caden and Sadie got much-needed haircuts. Sadie's hair has been SO hard to brush so we took off quite a few inches. It was to her bum. It is SO much better now!
The Stake put on a priest/laurel etiquette dinner. I remember going to one when I was in YW's. But this one was fancy! They had it at a reception center that someone in the stake owns. They served yummy food and the stake youth committee members talked about etiquette. It was very nice!
This is Easton's favorite game. He asks me quite often to play it with him. He totally cheats but whatever.
The kids at school all did so well for their math week that they earned crazy hair and backwards day. We tried pipe cleaners in Cambree's hair this time.
Brinley got in a little trouble for not completing assignments when she said she did so we didn't let her hang out with her friends until it was done. I'm a softie and her friends made her dinner. How could I say no? They made quesadillas and soup. They ate it on the porch. Cute girls.
I just did preschool but had it again! It was the letter Q so we did q-tip painting. Easton said his was Doc Oc in the rain. It looks just like that.
 I just love this happy kid.
Cambree had her 4th Grade Program. It's all about Utah History. Cambree dressed up like a pioneer in my mom's old dress. She was excited about it and we invited my parents to come. They came and spent the night since they needed to do some things in Salem the next day.
Yeah, there was a cold wind blowing in our faces

The place was packed! She is easy to spot though since she is so tall.
The teachers do such a great job on the programs. They had Indian, Spanish, and pioneer dancers. There was also a rock song that was 50's style.
Cambree learned a square dance.
It was a LONG month but so many fun things going on! I'm loving the warmer weather coming our way. I just hope it keeps coming!


Tiffany said...

I don't know why, but I found the bread in the cupboard so funny! I couldn't stop laughing! And I loved Easton's q-tip painting - it really does look like Doc Oc!

Missy said...

I know, huh? I'm glad I could give you a laugh. :)