Sunday, April 17, 2016

Easter Easter!

Easter just sneaks right up on you when it's in March! We had to dye eggs for FHE since the rest of the week was just crazy....annnnndd they were all eaten up before Easter! I should've boiled more. It was nice that everyone is old enough to not break them. I didn't have to hover too much.

Brinkley tried to put glitter on her egg.
Cambree made a cute egg couple.

I also had preschool to do that week. Two whole days on Easter! I didn't really know what to do. I ended up doing the first day more about Christ's resurrection and the second day we dyed eggs and did more easter-y stuff.

We also made bunnies for their bags and they did an Easter egg hunt.
Saturday was the annual Cedar Hills Easter Egg Hunt. This year they didn't even put the candy in eggs. Candy was just spread out all over the grass. I didn't mind at all cuz after the hunt you have to wait in a line to give the eggs back if you want.
Brinley didn't come...she is too old anyway and I was happy to have her stay home with Caden. Shawn had a ward basketball game at the same time so he wasn't there either.

The BYU scrimmage was also that day! So we all headed down to Provo to watch it. I thought it was going to be pretty cold but it was actually just fine. The Dunns came also so we were able to sit together. The older girls thought it was cool to go way up at the top to watch. They did that for most of the game. Being with friends was fun but keeping Caden corralled was NOT. Between that and Easton complaining every minute, I was SO ready to leave by half-time (which I thought was when it was going to be over anyway). Shawn knew I was miserable and we had to leave early anyway to get back to watch Women's Conference and so I could take the girls out to dinner and per tradition.
Parker looked so cute with his helmet.
I knew I wanted to take the girls out to get Chinese before watching the Women's Conference Broadcast. Last time I let them choose where to go and get dinner and they complained about it the whole time (and it was Cafe Rio!). I figured they would like Chinese and took them to Fongs. Brinley felt brave and tried sushi. She liked it! Cambree wasn't too brave and didn't even really like the idea of going there but she liked her two orders of pot stickers and cheese wontons and orange chicken. It's a good place and they both want to go there again! Maybe it's a new tradition.

Easter morning the kids looked for their baskets. We had some happy kids with some "new" clothes (I had them wear the dresses we got them from Hawaii), legos and candy.
Brinley actually wanted a coloring book. I found a cute church-y one.
After church, we took a ham, potatoes, rolls, and broccoli to Shawn's parent's house for an Easter dinner. They sure appreciated that. They also have a great yard for an egg hunt so we did that there too.

The girls got a little competitive trying to find eggs!

Easton found an egg with a dollar!
Brinley found the last egg which was camouflaged in the grass.
After church (going kind of out of order), I make everyone get a family picture taken. They are used to it by now.
Outtake...getting my settings set. It was a funny one.

All Hawaiian!!
And I wanted to do individuals of the kids in their new dresses.
Brinley wanted to be funny but this was the best picture of her anyway. She has the fakest smile. And can I say how much I love her dress? I wanted it but they didn't have it in my size so I got one for her.
One of my clients gave me this outfit for Caden when I had him. It was a little cold for shorts but he just had to wear something new like the rest of us!
It was a good Easter week.

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