Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shawn & Missy Do Hawaii-Travel Days 1 & 2

Hawaii has been on my bucket list for a very long time! When I heard about cheap flights going out of Las Vegas AND my aunt and uncle getting called to serve a mission there, I knew the time was right. We also could call it out 15 year anniversary celebration. :) My aunt was only going to be there for a year, until May, so we had to make it happen before then. Shawn thought February was a good month, so we started looking. Flights were so cheap that my mom and dad decided to come along. Great! Great. Now, I had to find someone to watch my kids. Who wants to watch 5 kids?? Yeah, no one. I was hesitant to ask my sister, Mandy, because she has 2 young kids and is already overwhelmed with them but I didn't have much of a choice since I didn't want to take my kids out of school that long just so they could hang out at someone's house. So it had to be someone that didn't have school-aged kids. She said yes, but just not for the whole time, which is understandable. Mandy watched them from Monday until we got home on Thursday afternoon...more on that later.
My friend, Donell, volunteered to take my kids for the weekend. She was an answer to prayer! She lives in Kaysville and was willing to drive down Friday until Monday afternoon to watch 5 kids and take them to church!! On Friday, they went to Pizza Pie to eat and on Saturday they went to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at BYU. I don't know what she was thinking because I didn't want to take my whole family to that exhibit. She said it was rough...probably because it was during Caden's nap time. She needed to be at church on Sunday so she got them all ready and drove up to Kaysville for church and then came back that night so the girls could go to school the next day.
Donell sent me a few pics from her stay:
Donell took them to the BYU Museum so they had to all wear their BYU gear!
She said Easton LOVED the marble set! Adam was great to play with him.
And the girls had fun playing with Rachel's Barbies.
I just needed people to watch my kids for the first shift (I'm kinda going backwards). A few neighbors offered and some I asked. Brinley went to Aubrie's, Cambree went to Jordan's, Sadie went to Eden's house, Easton stayed at Trayden's and Caden stayed with Jody. We were able to take Caden down to Payson on our way out of town. It worked out great! Everyone did really well at different houses. Caden was fussy…I suspected he was cutting teeth but Jody thought it was an ear infection. She was able to calm him down with tylonel.
Anyway, we left to Vegas and had a great drive to Val and Sarah's house. She was a wonderful hostess and impressed my mom a lot…leaving bottles of water by the bed and gum for the plane. They still live pretty far from the airport and my mom's cousin lives 5 minutes away so we left our car at their house and they drove us to the airport. I brought a book and figured I would sleep on the plane but it didn't quite work out. My book was boring and sleeping is so hard! So I was bored outta my mind! Luckily, I traded seats with a guy so I could sit by Shawn. That didn't work out on the way back.
When we got to Hawaii, we got our rental car, went to Costco for a small bite to eat and to buy a few breakfast food. Then, we drove to the other side of the island to Ha'alua, where I rental house was. I was in awe of all the greenery!
The rental was up on a hill with a big yard. (I got a little adrenaline rush every time we had to climb up the driveway! It was steep!) The condo was small but we didn't need much room.
--> It has two bedrooms and two main living areas, a small kitchen and bathroom.
My mom found a coconut on the property!
We didn't know what this tree was growing!
The view from the rental.
The sunroom in the rental.

Patsy and Lynn were there to greet us with homemade lais. They supplied us with boogie boards, snorkels, insulated picnic bag, waters, sunscreen, etc. They are so great!
  That night Lynne and Patsy took us to Pounders Restaurant for dinner in PCC’s Marketplace. So we got to see how sparkly the Marketplace looks at night with the lighting and shops. The Church takes great pride in how beautiful the Polynesian Cultural Center is. One thing the Church always does is make their showcases (like temples, visitors centers, Nauvoo, Palmyra, Kirtland, and PCC etc.) look immaculate and valued. It was a yummy meal and the missionary running it (I think that was his calling), made sure to give us a discount and treated us like old friends. Patsy said they just barely met him a few weeks ago. Everyone is so friendly!

 Get ready for picture overload!

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