Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shawn & Missy Do Hawaii - Day 7

Our last full day in Hawaii. :( We had to make it count! First on the agenda was to do sealings at the Laie Temple. Mom had some names that we were able to do so that was fun. The sealer looked  Japanese-Hawaiian. It was fun to hear him say the different names. The temple seemed small with LOTS of little hallways and doors. We spent some time in the celestial room too.
Then we walked around the temple grounds. I love how it's on a hill. You almost don't realize that the lower big white level under the temple is all temple too.
The Visitor's Center
The temple grounds had some beautiful statues and friezes about scripture stories. I liked this one of Lehi blessing Joseph.
We eventually went inside the visitor's center. We watched short video about how the church grew so fast in Laie.
After that, we quickly went back to our rental, changed, and headed to the PCC for a buffet lunch. Patsy and Lynne were able to get us in for $5. It was yummy.
Then, we quickly separated from mom and dad (because they had already been to lots of "islands" the day before) and we had LOTS to see! We went to the Aotearoa (New Zealand) first.

They had a good show with singing and dancing with the poi balls. They also did the Haka, which is Shawn's favorite.
After the presentation, we played a stick game and also were taught how to use the poi balls (That was rough!)
After that, we went over to see the big canoe called "Iosepa".  We missed a little of the beginning so when it was over, we asked the Hawaiian guide about it. She is a BYU-Hawaii student and asked if we were she gave us the member version. She told us that it was named Iosepa because of a tiny town here in Utah where Polynesians gathered. It's pretty much a ghost town now. Iosepa means Joseph and the two bows are named Lehi and Sariah, because they berthed Joseph. The canoe is made of all wood and it sailed around the world.
Easter Island replicas.
We then met up with my parents to watch the river parade. The 7 different islands perform dances on boats and they don't fall in!
The "king"

New Zealand

Fruit grows on the trees in the PCC
After the parade, we headed to Tonga. They did a fun drum show where they made fun of guys trying to copy the beats.
They had spear throwing, so Shawn tried it out.
He got a bulls-eye!
After Tonga, a mock Tahitian wedding was starting. It was a special presentation to show what a wedding is like there. We didn't have time to go to every island so this was what we did instead of going to the Tahiti presentation.
Next up was Fiji. I have no idea what this tall hut was just cool.
They had some dancing and we all got sticks that we banged to the beat of the music. The presenter made me want to go to Fiji with his talk of amazing snorkeling. :)
A cute Fijian. :)
We quickly went over to the Hawaiian island. They did their hula dances and ukulele music.  I was hoping to be able to learn how to hula and Sadie requested that Shawn learn how to also but they were closing up the island and didn't have anything afterward. It was probably best because we needed to get over to Samoa.
The Hawaiian girl, from Maui, that was showing us the Iosepa boat, is in the front dancing.
Samoa was the best! We saved the best for last! This guy below, named Top, was super funny! He showed us how to break open a coconut and was so entertaining. He would say simple things in different languages, whether it was right or not. :)
He said we tell our kids not to play with knives or fire, but we Samoans tell our kids to do it. Its amazing how they pretty much walk on the fire and they don't get burned. They really know the limits.
Fire dancer
Climbing the coconut tree
The last thing we were able to do was float down the river.
Dad saw this bird fly near the water and grab this fish out of the water. Then he went up on a rock and posed for a picture. ;)

The grounds of the PCC are SO nice! I couldn't believe the beauty and the quality. It was beautiful!
As we were leaving, Shawn wanted to check out the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame. There were some former BYU players in there, such as Vai Sikahema, who was just inducted this year.
Time to go! It was a great day there!
We got a real lei and a shell lei from the PCC.
We heard about a fun beach lookout and went there at sunset. The waves crashed against the rock. We even think we saw a whale off in the distance.
This is a view looking at some beaches in Laie
After that, we got some dinner at the Kahuku Grill. One of the girls working there was from Cedar Hills and is in our stake! She was going to BYU-Hawaii and heading home soon. Small world! The food was good. Mom got coconut shrimp and said it was the best shrimp she'd ever had.
We ended the night playing the marble game one last time with Patsy and Lynne. It's a good one! They were such great hosts! Wished we could've stayed longer!

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Tiffany said...

All those shows you saw looked awesome! And the snorkeling sounded great! I'm glad you were able to go. We were never able to because the tide was too rough the whole time we were there. David was really bummed about it.