Friday, March 11, 2016

Shawn & Missy Do Hawaii - Day 6

Monday we had planned to do the PCC but Patsy brought up some suggestions and the paddle board thing wasn't working out so we were wondering what to do. Mom was tired of going to the beach and that's what we wanted to do so we split up. Dad wanted to go to the beach with us but they compromised and went on a hike (it actually ended up just my dad going by himself). Luckily, my uncle was able to come pick them up to hang out at the PCC for the afternoon.
What to do? I wanted to go snorkeling again so we headed off to the other side of the island to go to Hanauma Bay. We were hoping to get there earlier since it fills up. The line was long to park but it was moving but when we got there they said it was closed due to electrical problems. That was it. Electrical probs in the water? My aunt figured they were probably having problems with the movie they show you before you can go in the water about protecting the reef. Lame.
We heard about some tide pools and a "blow-hole" near that area so we hiked down to the water. No blow-hole but we found tide pools. A few crabs but that was it. Lots of locals were cliff jumping around there. It looked too rough to me to do that!

We drove back but stopped at this beautiful beach to watch some surfers. Shawn also wanted to boogie board but knew I REALLY wanted to snorkel and at this point, we wouldn't be able to do both.
We hadn't gone on the other side of the island so we went back that way and stopped at the Dole Planation for a Dole whip and a pineapple chili dog. The whip is good the chili dog…not so much.

We were worried everything would be too rough to go snorkeling but Shark's Cove was perfect! There were rocks surrounding the reef and TONS of beautiful fish and schools of fish swimming around! It was awesome! I could've done that every day.
We stopped at a fruit stand along the highway and tried some more fruits like guava and dragon fruit.
We had to be back in time to shower and get to the luau that night. I was really glad we split up our PCC experience. My aunt was able to get us in to the PCC and luau for 1/2 the price. It was so nice!
They give you REAL lais! They were so pretty and smelled good!

We all got to walk out to the fire pit to see them bring the pig out. They use banana leaves to cover it. They don't burn.

I wanted Shawn to get a picture of me eating a Poi roll. It's purple and then the host of the luau jumped in my picture. Kinda fun!
The dinner show was great and entertained us the whole time.
The "King"
This dance was slower and is my aunt's favorite.

The little kids were cute doing their hula. I could picture Sadie up there just loving it!
This fire dancer was a 14 year old girl! She was amazing!
The Finale...
After dinner, we went to the theater to watch Hawaiian Journey. It's an IMAX theater that tours Hawaii. The seats move and wind blows in your face…so it's like a 4D experience, I guess.
Then we headed over to the Haa Show: Breath of Life. It was fabulous! I loved all the different kinds of dances and music. It was fun!

The stage is impressive too with water and fire.
The Shaka statue…it's such a Hawaiian symbol!

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