Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shawn & Missy Do Hawaii - Day 5

(BTW-I'm taking a lot of the journaling from my Aunt and mom. It makes it so much easier!)
On Sunday we left about 8:30am to see the turtles before church. We got to the popular area up past Sunset Beach where you often see big sea turtles warming themselves on the sand. But, sadly, we were disappointed but did see some wind surfers. It was windy!! I was pretty sad cuz I REALLY thought I'd see turtles in Hawaii!
Luckily, Patsy was determined and since we had started early, she suggested we go on to Haleiwa where they have seen several turtles on the beach before. I really doubted we’d see turtles today because the ocean was so rough and the air was cool. At Haleiwa Beach Park we got out of our cars and walked out on the sand. No turtles. The wind re­styled our hair as we watched the rough ocean and shivered a little because we are having a cold snap here. (High temperature was 75 degrees. But the low expected was in the low 60’s with a 25 mph breeze.)
Anyway, Patsy decided to trudge through the sand and go to the place where they saw turtles before. There was a rock that looked kind of like a turtle. As she approached she decided it probably was just a large lava rock. But then she thought she saw it move. As she got closer, she was delighted to see a large green sea turtle! It was the only one on that long beachfront. We were all so happy to have that sweet creature sit there on that wet sand with no sun in sight to warm it, and stay there just for us to get a photo shoot! The turtle turned ever so slowly. By the appearance of its sandy trail, it probably had not been there long. It didn’t have far to catch a wave back into the ocean. But we got to watch it gradually drag itself to the water’s edge, heft itself over a hunk of beach rock and then, when a big enough wave came it slowly lunged itself forward and disappeared into the waves. It was such a thrill for us to see that turtle. It seemed like it appeared and just stayed long enough for us to have a successful look at the beautiful sea creature it is. That was our perfect morning! 

Bye-bye turtle!
Patsy and Lynne serve in the Student Married Ward. So lots of newlyweds and young families. Fast meeting was nice. It was fun to hear about diverse backgrounds and spiritual stories. Sunday School was a unique experience!  A Taiwanese guy was our teacher. He writes and draws on the board constantly. He was SO animated and excited! He was teaching 2 Nephi where it talks about having the desire to choose the right. He was going 90 mph as he spoke, acted, created stories and situations to help us learn. He was practically bouncing off the walls. He had us laughing constantly. Relief Society was all about communication with your spouse. It was interesting to hear about all the different races that have married other races and the problems and blessings that come from interracial marriages. At the end of the lesson, the R.S. had a treat to give to the husbands and we would sing Love at Home since Valentine's day was coming up. Kinda cheesy but fun to do that for Shawn. The men were given paper and crayons to make a card for their spouse. Shawn made a dang good hibiscus flower for my card! After church, they had brownies and ice cream! This ward really knows how to celebrate!
Mom just had to hold this sweet baby!

We had to pack light so we wouldn't be charged more fees for our baggage so Shawn didn't bring church shoes. :)
After church Shawn drove us around BYU-H campus.  It’s a small but beautiful campus with palm trees, spreading lawns and bright flowers. It was fun to think that since Shawn works at BYU there could be a chance in the future that he could work here! How fun would that be? After that, we went back to the house and had a short (and much needed!) nap. 
Love these hibiscus flowers all over!
 Then, we joined Patsy and Lynn and all the other senior missionaries at the PCC for a Break the Fast dinner. The missionaries are all so friendly and Shawn ended up seeing people he knew! He saw his old pitching coach from BYU, Elder Noel. Elder Noel recognized him right away! He's been on 8 missions! Sitting near us were Elder and Sister Clayton from Centerville who are returning home in another week. Shawn and Sister Clayton both worked in the same department at the University of Utah but at different times. So they knew a lot of the same people. Shawn also saw Sister Flake who taught him at BYU. It was a very fun evening with, as Elder Flake put it, lots of delicious food that “the sisters here have taken 40 years to learn to cook”. 
 After that, we went back to Patsy and Lynne's apartment so they could teach us how to play a fun marble game. We are hooked now!!

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