Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shawn & Missy Do Hawaii - Day 4

Saturday was a BIG day (LOADS of pictures!)! We got up early to drive on a beautiful freeway to Honolulu’s Aloha Stadium where there is a Swap Meet.  Goods are plentiful and prices are great but our time was rather limited. I could've spent A LOT longer there! I got dresses for me and the girls, t-shirts for the whole family,  sandals for myself, flower bows for the girls, and some fun fruits. 

It was a little rainy that day but so warm that it didn't really matter much.

After that, we hurried over to nearby Pearl Harbor where we had tickets for a 11:00 tour time but were supposed to arrive an hour early.  We learned there was no need to be there that early except to view exhibits before the tour starts.  It was a solemn experience contemplating things that occurred that Sunday Dec. 7, 1941.  War, death, heroes, bodies laid to rest beneath the ocean, men burning in the ocean as they tried to escape the bombed ships.  The smell of oil is still powerful as the USS Arizona continues to leak about 2 quarts of oil a day.  
We are ready for our audio tour at Pearl Harbor! 

On the boat that took us to the memorial.
View of Honolulu
One of the big battle ships.
Remains of the USS Arizona.
View from the USS Arizona of the USS Missouri. You can go to that ship and walk around it but it costs more than we had time for and were willing to pay. :)
Tree of Life sculpture 
Names of those who died.
The USS Arizona Memorial
That's a big anchor!
Big missiles!
View of the memorial and ship from the visitors center.
Replica of the memorial.
Patsy and Lynne found us as we were finishing our tour. We then drove into Waikiki and had a delicious lunch at the famous Duke’s seaside restaurant. Most of us ate their wonderful buffet (Dad treated us all to that…SO generous!) and topped off our meal with a giant slice of “Hula” pie that we had 6 sporks for. It’s Macadamia Ice Cream Pie topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and mac nuts sprinkled on top. Really tasty! After lunch we took pictures on the beach of Waikiki. I'm not a fan of the busyness of Waikiki. I like Laie much better!

Then we drove through a bunch of houses to a hidden trailhead of Manoa Falls and hiked for about an hour to see the tall, narrow waterfall. We walked through a bamboo forest and huge trees with beautiful vines and flowers draped all over them. Some of “Lost” was filmed there and parts of “Jurassic World”. The path was muddy as we trudged through the rain but we enjoyed being together for such a dense jungle­like nature hike. Ryan told us it would be smart to wear water shoes because it's muddyuh, no. It was no-bueno. My shoes were really slippery so I was freaked out I was going to slip and hurt myself again. So I hung onto Shawn and eventually found a walking stick that saved me.

There was a cute, little bird singing to us in the trees.
Look at those roots!
A bamboo jungle!
Shaka! AKA Hang Loose

The waterfall
My parents look so cute!
It was just starting to get dark as we were about done with the hike.
We got home by dark and the snails came out to play since it rained. This bugger was really big!
We had a big lunch but Shawn was still hungry so we went to 7 Brothers. The Cowboy Burger was recommended to us by our neighbors. It had onion rings on it and was huge! It was good. The teriyaki fries were super yummy too! What a way to end the day!
Can't you tell he is super happy?!

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