Sunday, March 6, 2016

Shawn & Missy Do Hawaii - Day 3

Our first official day in Hawaii! What to do?! We started off the morning and hiked Makapu’u Point. We saw some whales spouting off in the distance in the blue Pacific.  Sometimes we’d see a tail fin and splashing.  Patsy said this is the time of year that the whales have their babies and this is where they seem to come.  That part of the island is hot and dry even in the winter, so we got pretty sweaty hiking up the steep trail.  The paved trail goes up to a lookout point above a Lighthouse.  Sparkling ocean stretches out in all directions from that point.  It was awesome.  

For lunch we went to the Hawaiian Island Café and ate a delicious sandwich.  The cute waitress recommended a beach near her home to go snorkeling.  She said it was called the Magnum PI beach because that’s where they filmed Magnum PI.  It was in Waimanalo.  We enjoyed snorkeling around a boat anchored in the water there and watching sand crabs flitting around on the beach.  

The trail was really hidden and fun to go down the path to the beach.

Then we drove to Sherwood Beach where we found bigger waves to Boogie Board.
We talked mom into trying it. She was out there for a long time. Dad FINALLY got in and I think he liked it OK.

The obligatory "feet in the sand and ocean" shot.

Shawn hates it when I make him pose for cool trees and stuff. The phone camera does not do it justice.

Patsy and Lynne were going to join us at some point that day but Patsy had a really busy day and she wasn't able to get away. I think she was bummed about that. They had us over for a lasagna dinner where we enjoyed their wonderful hospitality. We were pretty wiped-out from the day's adventures and were all fighting to stay awake. We were still adjusting to Hawaii time!

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