Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Beginnings-Focus on your Innergram

We had come back from Hawaii on Thursday and New Beginnings was the following Wednesday. No time to waste! I wasn't feeling too well but I still had to plan for New Beginnings since I was in charge of it although Jen did a TON of work for it. They even made it later in February since I was in Hawaii when we were supposed to do it. I tried my best to get out of it!! Haha! I made a few things on the computer (thankfully, a lady I came across on Pinterest came up with the Focus on your Innergram idea and shared all her designs and even the skit script so it was easy to plan), some hashtags, the program, some hashtag sayings, and gave a talk. Yuck. I was kinda hoping I would still be sick so I wouldn't have to speak but kinda not because I put a lot of work into planning this night!
We decorated most of it the night before cuz we needed our hubbys to put up the lights.
We made a yummy eclair cake that has graham crackers in it for the treat.
One wall we had a bunch of sayings on it. Jen made all the cute heart banners.
I LOVE twinkle lights strung up. They are kind of a pain so we don't do them much but I really wanted them so they accommodated me. We also needed a place to hang the hashtags!
The 4th Ward had their New Beginnings the night before and asked if we wanted their huge sign they made. It matched our decor good enough so we kept it up. It hid the ugly curtain. :)
We told the girls and leaders to send us a selfie of themselves and we displayed them on the wall. That was my favorite part!
Jen made these dang cute boxes for their favors. They had heart chocolates, a picture of Christ, and an arrow ring that goes along with the Press Forward theme.
We decided to have a photo booth. The MiaMaids were put in charge of that. It was super cute!
The night started off with the Beehives doing the skit. They did an awesome job! They started the night off perfectly! I gave my talk after that introducing the theme for New Beginnings. I get SOOO scared but I think it went well enough even though I cried sooner than I was supposed to. Ugh. Then, the Laurels made posters to introduce the new Beehives. Jen gave a short talk after that talking about our goal for the year (Personal Progress) and the theme for the year. Then, they passed out ribbons that the girls achieved. Then, the Bishop spoke and then the girls sang the "Press Forward" song they learned. Then we had refreshments! It was such a great night. It's good for me to stretch myself and do these things even though I do not like it!
Brinley's leader knows that Brinley doesn't like hugs so she hugs her lots. :)
Selfie...lots of selfies that night. :)
The song...I'm so proud of these girls!
My cute favor box
We are just too cool for school.

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Tiffany said...

So fun and cute! I love what your ward does.