Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hawaii- Day 8-Going Home

We had to wake up pretty early to get through traffic, take our rental car back, and to the airport on-time. Everything went well and we took off back home on the 5 hour flight.
The beautiful sunrise before we left.
Since we didn't reserve our seats, Shawn, my mom and dad were all in one row and I was by myself. I was hoping I would be able to switch someone but the people next to me were together so they wouldn't want to split up. I sat by myself...at least I had the aisle and Shawn was just one row in front of me...but I wouldn't be able to lay on him and sleep. :)
When we were getting off the plane and I could have cell phone service, I got a text from Mandy saying Caden had thrown-up that morning. She said he was acting fine and she thought maybe he just ate too much. That had me worried. We had flown in at 6:00 p.m. but we were still on Hawaii time so it felt like 4:00. I wanted to just drive straight home. I checked the weather and it was foggy. Dark and fog aren't great to drive in but the fog didn't start until Utah Valley so I was hopeful. I called Mandy and she didn't really care either way. I just had a feeling that we needed to go that night but it didn't make a lot of sense because we would get there in the middle of the night and would have to figure out where everyone would sleep. Shawn was worried because Val and Sarah had made arrangements for us to stay the night. I got a hold of Sarah and she said to do whatever was best for us but at that point we were almost to their house and my dad was adamant about NOT traveling in the dark and fog. Better to arrive alive, right? I was pretty mad and said if it was just Shawn and I, then we would've driven back that night. Oh well!
We had a fun time with Val & Sarah playing Trains but we were pretty tired and knew we needed to get up and leave early. I got a text the next morning from Mandy saying that he puked again and that he was fussy so we needed to hurry home! I told dad that Shawn needed to drive (since he drives faster) and Dad was willing to let him. We didn't even stop for lunch and just ate snacks. We made it back by 2:30 and Mandy was almost in tears. The last hour was the worst with Caden and Kylie crying. Caden was more needy because he didn't feel good and Kylie was crying because she was jealous. She said she thinks the kids were done and missing us. Not fun. I felt terrible! Well, no more long trips for us until everyone gets older!!
Well, that's the detailed trip log! It was a fabulous trip and hopefully I will get to go again and maybe go to another island. I loved everything about Hawaii! It was a dream!!

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