Wednesday, March 23, 2016

February MishMash

February was a blur...especially since it was filled with Hawaii (not complaining) and sickness (complaining) when we got back.

Easton said he had a really fun Valentine's party where they gave each other Valentines and made this cute bag.
Sadie also made her bag at school and had a fun Valentine's party. It happened to be the day after we got home.
Cambree made her Valentine's box. It is an iPod. We helped her come up with love songs to put on it.
Valentines day was on a Sunday so Shawn and I went out to eat or something. It wasn't anything big because we had just gotten back a few days before.
Presidents Day was also that weekend. I have had the itch for months to clean my oven so that morning, I sprayed it down to let it sit so I could clean it. Right after I sprayed it, I went upstairs and Shawn said, "What if we went shopping for an oven today?" What??? I would love to but I just started to clean the old one! So funny. My old one only has 2 burners working so I do need a new one. There are great deals on appliances on Presidents Day so we went for it! Happy Valentine's day to us! It's a flat surface and a double! I love it!! We also got a microwave since ours sometimes would heat up food and sometimes not.
Then, I got what the kids had and didn't feel so well. Caden had it first (with Mandy), then Sadie got it (and puked like 10 times!), then Cambree and now me. And this is what you get when you are sick...
I took Sadie to a BYU Gymnastics meet for our mommy-daughter date. No one else even wanted to go! She got her nails done and liked watching the events for a short time but she lasted through the whole meet. We were against Utah State but we won. Now she wants to do gymnastics. What doesn't this girl want to do?
Wow! She looks the part! ;)
Here's my boy when he turned 13 months...still in his jammies on not feeling well. He didn't walk while we were gone so that was a relief! He cut 2 molars while we were gone and jabbers a lot and says ma-ma and da-da but doesn't know what it means. I think we have another slow talker!
Melanie and Casey came to town to organize Barbara's house. We had Casey come play with us at Trafalga and then come over for dinner and the evening.
The girls got to all wear their dresses we brought back from Hawaii. They look so cute! Now, they are going to be put away until Easter. :)
This kid fell asleep by me while I was reading. He must be tired.
I got to go out to dinner with my old roomies! I love that we can pick up right where we left off. I love these girls!
For a Laurel activity, we got to do a mission at The Space Center! Brinley has told me all about this place and I wanted to see what she was talking about. We had enough girls to do 2 missions and I got to have a job. I can't remember the name of my job but I basically would see if there were things approaching us that would be trouble like asteroids and pirate spaceships. Man! You can really get into it! They make it as realistic as they can and it's quite the set-up! Good thing Jen's son works there...he made it all happen!
They even give you a sort of uniform to wear. :)
My workstation
Both teams...we both made it out alive but just barely! It was serious stuff.
I did preschool the following week. The letter Q. So they decorated crowns and were kings and queens for a day.
More preschool pics...pajama party day.
They also were Paleontologists. Oh boy. I am just not that creative!
Brinley and her friend, Aubrey singing karaoke in her room.
We went to a Men's Volleyball game with the Curtises. I thought it started at 7:00 but it didn't start until 8:00! Ugh. The kids got bored. Dang it!
I think Sadie and Pryson were doing some sort of handshake
Shawn is awesome. I definitely married up. He gives the kids baths all the time. I thought it was cute how Caden is right next to him watching him wash Easton's hair.
My neighbor is obsessed with babies and had to take a picture of Caden at church, I guess.
Well, it was time to pull out our toaster we got from our wedding. We thought our old one would die a long time ago but it just kept working! The kids thought it looks old-fashioned.
On the last day of the month, we went to the Provo Temple Open House. It was early-out day but I still had to get them out a little earlier. The kids were really excited and it was beautiful. The wallpaper throughout is the wallpaper we have in our bedroom. :) I love that our kids have had a chance to go to so many temples. Lucky ducks.
Of course there were bribes if they were good, so we bought that I look at this picture, I can tell Easton wasn't feeling good. He was a little clingy in the temple. I think he got sick the next day. Poor kid.


Tiffany said...

Where was that space mission thing? It looked really fun! It reminded me of Galaxy Quest!

Missy said...

Sorry...I'm just seeing this. The Space Center is in Pleasant Grove in an elementary school. Weird, huh? But it's so fun! They even do sleepovers!