Wednesday, March 23, 2016

February MishMash

February was a blur...especially since it was filled with Hawaii (not complaining) and sickness (complaining) when we got back.

Easton said he had a really fun Valentine's party where they gave each other Valentines and made this cute bag.
Sadie also made her bag at school and had a fun Valentine's party. It happened to be the day after we got home.
Cambree made her Valentine's box. It is an iPod. We helped her come up with love songs to put on it.
Valentines day was on a Sunday so Shawn and I went out to eat or something. It wasn't anything big because we had just gotten back a few days before.
Presidents Day was also that weekend. I have had the itch for months to clean my oven so that morning, I sprayed it down to let it sit so I could clean it. Right after I sprayed it, I went upstairs and Shawn said, "What if we went shopping for an oven today?" What??? I would love to but I just started to clean the old one! So funny. My old one only has 2 burners working so I do need a new one. There are great deals on appliances on Presidents Day so we went for it! Happy Valentine's day to us! It's a flat surface and a double! I love it!! We also got a microwave since ours sometimes would heat up food and sometimes not.
Then, I got what the kids had and didn't feel so well. Caden had it first (with Mandy), then Sadie got it (and puked like 10 times!), then Cambree and now me. And this is what you get when you are sick...
I took Sadie to a BYU Gymnastics meet for our mommy-daughter date. No one else even wanted to go! She got her nails done and liked watching the events for a short time but she lasted through the whole meet. We were against Utah State but we won. Now she wants to do gymnastics. What doesn't this girl want to do?
Wow! She looks the part! ;)
Here's my boy when he turned 13 months...still in his jammies on not feeling well. He didn't walk while we were gone so that was a relief! He cut 2 molars while we were gone and jabbers a lot and says ma-ma and da-da but doesn't know what it means. I think we have another slow talker!
Melanie and Casey came to town to organize Barbara's house. We had Casey come play with us at Trafalga and then come over for dinner and the evening.
The girls got to all wear their dresses we brought back from Hawaii. They look so cute! Now, they are going to be put away until Easter. :)
This kid fell asleep by me while I was reading. He must be tired.
I got to go out to dinner with my old roomies! I love that we can pick up right where we left off. I love these girls!
For a Laurel activity, we got to do a mission at The Space Center! Brinley has told me all about this place and I wanted to see what she was talking about. We had enough girls to do 2 missions and I got to have a job. I can't remember the name of my job but I basically would see if there were things approaching us that would be trouble like asteroids and pirate spaceships. Man! You can really get into it! They make it as realistic as they can and it's quite the set-up! Good thing Jen's son works there...he made it all happen!
They even give you a sort of uniform to wear. :)
My workstation
Both teams...we both made it out alive but just barely! It was serious stuff.
I did preschool the following week. The letter Q. So they decorated crowns and were kings and queens for a day.
More preschool pics...pajama party day.
They also were Paleontologists. Oh boy. I am just not that creative!
Brinley and her friend, Aubrey singing karaoke in her room.
We went to a Men's Volleyball game with the Curtises. I thought it started at 7:00 but it didn't start until 8:00! Ugh. The kids got bored. Dang it!
I think Sadie and Pryson were doing some sort of handshake
Shawn is awesome. I definitely married up. He gives the kids baths all the time. I thought it was cute how Caden is right next to him watching him wash Easton's hair.
My neighbor is obsessed with babies and had to take a picture of Caden at church, I guess.
Well, it was time to pull out our toaster we got from our wedding. We thought our old one would die a long time ago but it just kept working! The kids thought it looks old-fashioned.
On the last day of the month, we went to the Provo Temple Open House. It was early-out day but I still had to get them out a little earlier. The kids were really excited and it was beautiful. The wallpaper throughout is the wallpaper we have in our bedroom. :) I love that our kids have had a chance to go to so many temples. Lucky ducks.
Of course there were bribes if they were good, so we bought that I look at this picture, I can tell Easton wasn't feeling good. He was a little clingy in the temple. I think he got sick the next day. Poor kid.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Beginnings-Focus on your Innergram

We had come back from Hawaii on Thursday and New Beginnings was the following Wednesday. No time to waste! I wasn't feeling too well but I still had to plan for New Beginnings since I was in charge of it although Jen did a TON of work for it. They even made it later in February since I was in Hawaii when we were supposed to do it. I tried my best to get out of it!! Haha! I made a few things on the computer (thankfully, a lady I came across on Pinterest came up with the Focus on your Innergram idea and shared all her designs and even the skit script so it was easy to plan), some hashtags, the program, some hashtag sayings, and gave a talk. Yuck. I was kinda hoping I would still be sick so I wouldn't have to speak but kinda not because I put a lot of work into planning this night!
We decorated most of it the night before cuz we needed our hubbys to put up the lights.
We made a yummy eclair cake that has graham crackers in it for the treat.
One wall we had a bunch of sayings on it. Jen made all the cute heart banners.
I LOVE twinkle lights strung up. They are kind of a pain so we don't do them much but I really wanted them so they accommodated me. We also needed a place to hang the hashtags!
The 4th Ward had their New Beginnings the night before and asked if we wanted their huge sign they made. It matched our decor good enough so we kept it up. It hid the ugly curtain. :)
We told the girls and leaders to send us a selfie of themselves and we displayed them on the wall. That was my favorite part!
Jen made these dang cute boxes for their favors. They had heart chocolates, a picture of Christ, and an arrow ring that goes along with the Press Forward theme.
We decided to have a photo booth. The MiaMaids were put in charge of that. It was super cute!
The night started off with the Beehives doing the skit. They did an awesome job! They started the night off perfectly! I gave my talk after that introducing the theme for New Beginnings. I get SOOO scared but I think it went well enough even though I cried sooner than I was supposed to. Ugh. Then, the Laurels made posters to introduce the new Beehives. Jen gave a short talk after that talking about our goal for the year (Personal Progress) and the theme for the year. Then, they passed out ribbons that the girls achieved. Then, the Bishop spoke and then the girls sang the "Press Forward" song they learned. Then we had refreshments! It was such a great night. It's good for me to stretch myself and do these things even though I do not like it!
Brinley's leader knows that Brinley doesn't like hugs so she hugs her lots. :)
Selfie...lots of selfies that night. :)
The song...I'm so proud of these girls!
My cute favor box
We are just too cool for school.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hawaii- Day 8-Going Home

We had to wake up pretty early to get through traffic, take our rental car back, and to the airport on-time. Everything went well and we took off back home on the 5 hour flight.
The beautiful sunrise before we left.
Since we didn't reserve our seats, Shawn, my mom and dad were all in one row and I was by myself. I was hoping I would be able to switch someone but the people next to me were together so they wouldn't want to split up. I sat by least I had the aisle and Shawn was just one row in front of me...but I wouldn't be able to lay on him and sleep. :)
When we were getting off the plane and I could have cell phone service, I got a text from Mandy saying Caden had thrown-up that morning. She said he was acting fine and she thought maybe he just ate too much. That had me worried. We had flown in at 6:00 p.m. but we were still on Hawaii time so it felt like 4:00. I wanted to just drive straight home. I checked the weather and it was foggy. Dark and fog aren't great to drive in but the fog didn't start until Utah Valley so I was hopeful. I called Mandy and she didn't really care either way. I just had a feeling that we needed to go that night but it didn't make a lot of sense because we would get there in the middle of the night and would have to figure out where everyone would sleep. Shawn was worried because Val and Sarah had made arrangements for us to stay the night. I got a hold of Sarah and she said to do whatever was best for us but at that point we were almost to their house and my dad was adamant about NOT traveling in the dark and fog. Better to arrive alive, right? I was pretty mad and said if it was just Shawn and I, then we would've driven back that night. Oh well!
We had a fun time with Val & Sarah playing Trains but we were pretty tired and knew we needed to get up and leave early. I got a text the next morning from Mandy saying that he puked again and that he was fussy so we needed to hurry home! I told dad that Shawn needed to drive (since he drives faster) and Dad was willing to let him. We didn't even stop for lunch and just ate snacks. We made it back by 2:30 and Mandy was almost in tears. The last hour was the worst with Caden and Kylie crying. Caden was more needy because he didn't feel good and Kylie was crying because she was jealous. She said she thinks the kids were done and missing us. Not fun. I felt terrible! Well, no more long trips for us until everyone gets older!!
Well, that's the detailed trip log! It was a fabulous trip and hopefully I will get to go again and maybe go to another island. I loved everything about Hawaii! It was a dream!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shawn & Missy Do Hawaii - Day 7

Our last full day in Hawaii. :( We had to make it count! First on the agenda was to do sealings at the Laie Temple. Mom had some names that we were able to do so that was fun. The sealer looked  Japanese-Hawaiian. It was fun to hear him say the different names. The temple seemed small with LOTS of little hallways and doors. We spent some time in the celestial room too.
Then we walked around the temple grounds. I love how it's on a hill. You almost don't realize that the lower big white level under the temple is all temple too.
The Visitor's Center
The temple grounds had some beautiful statues and friezes about scripture stories. I liked this one of Lehi blessing Joseph.
We eventually went inside the visitor's center. We watched short video about how the church grew so fast in Laie.
After that, we quickly went back to our rental, changed, and headed to the PCC for a buffet lunch. Patsy and Lynne were able to get us in for $5. It was yummy.
Then, we quickly separated from mom and dad (because they had already been to lots of "islands" the day before) and we had LOTS to see! We went to the Aotearoa (New Zealand) first.

They had a good show with singing and dancing with the poi balls. They also did the Haka, which is Shawn's favorite.
After the presentation, we played a stick game and also were taught how to use the poi balls (That was rough!)
After that, we went over to see the big canoe called "Iosepa".  We missed a little of the beginning so when it was over, we asked the Hawaiian guide about it. She is a BYU-Hawaii student and asked if we were she gave us the member version. She told us that it was named Iosepa because of a tiny town here in Utah where Polynesians gathered. It's pretty much a ghost town now. Iosepa means Joseph and the two bows are named Lehi and Sariah, because they berthed Joseph. The canoe is made of all wood and it sailed around the world.
Easter Island replicas.
We then met up with my parents to watch the river parade. The 7 different islands perform dances on boats and they don't fall in!
The "king"

New Zealand

Fruit grows on the trees in the PCC
After the parade, we headed to Tonga. They did a fun drum show where they made fun of guys trying to copy the beats.
They had spear throwing, so Shawn tried it out.
He got a bulls-eye!
After Tonga, a mock Tahitian wedding was starting. It was a special presentation to show what a wedding is like there. We didn't have time to go to every island so this was what we did instead of going to the Tahiti presentation.
Next up was Fiji. I have no idea what this tall hut was just cool.
They had some dancing and we all got sticks that we banged to the beat of the music. The presenter made me want to go to Fiji with his talk of amazing snorkeling. :)
A cute Fijian. :)
We quickly went over to the Hawaiian island. They did their hula dances and ukulele music.  I was hoping to be able to learn how to hula and Sadie requested that Shawn learn how to also but they were closing up the island and didn't have anything afterward. It was probably best because we needed to get over to Samoa.
The Hawaiian girl, from Maui, that was showing us the Iosepa boat, is in the front dancing.
Samoa was the best! We saved the best for last! This guy below, named Top, was super funny! He showed us how to break open a coconut and was so entertaining. He would say simple things in different languages, whether it was right or not. :)
He said we tell our kids not to play with knives or fire, but we Samoans tell our kids to do it. Its amazing how they pretty much walk on the fire and they don't get burned. They really know the limits.
Fire dancer
Climbing the coconut tree
The last thing we were able to do was float down the river.
Dad saw this bird fly near the water and grab this fish out of the water. Then he went up on a rock and posed for a picture. ;)

The grounds of the PCC are SO nice! I couldn't believe the beauty and the quality. It was beautiful!
As we were leaving, Shawn wanted to check out the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame. There were some former BYU players in there, such as Vai Sikahema, who was just inducted this year.
Time to go! It was a great day there!
We got a real lei and a shell lei from the PCC.
We heard about a fun beach lookout and went there at sunset. The waves crashed against the rock. We even think we saw a whale off in the distance.
This is a view looking at some beaches in Laie
After that, we got some dinner at the Kahuku Grill. One of the girls working there was from Cedar Hills and is in our stake! She was going to BYU-Hawaii and heading home soon. Small world! The food was good. Mom got coconut shrimp and said it was the best shrimp she'd ever had.
We ended the night playing the marble game one last time with Patsy and Lynne. It's a good one! They were such great hosts! Wished we could've stayed longer!