Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cinderella Dance Concert

I love that my girls have their dance concert in January. It puts some fun in an otherwise dull month. Cinderella was a GREAT concert for little girls! They were all so excited! This year, I did the dance pictures during dress rehearsal. Kind of last-minute I decided to buy a bigger backdrop and stand since I would need to accommodate 20-22 dancers! I bought it on Sunday and rushed it to get it here by Wednesday. The stand came but no backdrop. We called FedEx and they said it wouldn't get delivered until Thursday some time. Ugh. I had to leave at 11:00 so hopefully it would come by then. It didn't. The night before Shawn helped me piece together 2 grey backdrops and it actually looked pretty good but the colors were a little off. As soon as I got to the Covey Center, Shawn called to say the backdrop arrived. Ugh! I knew that would happen. So he came to bring it to me and we switched it out really quickly when we had a minute and it was the wrong size!!! But the colors matched so we kept one of them up and swooped the one that didn't match along the bottom on the floor. I was freaking out but it all worked out in the end. It was probably a blessing I didn't receive the backdrop when it should've come cuz I probably wouldn't have brought my 2 others and it would've been small. We got it all worked out and it turned out fine.
Steph was adamant about me being able to stay on-time so it didn't interfere with girls dancing on-stage. I checked Brinley out of school and hired a teacher that used to teach for Stephanie to help me pose. I think I did pretty well even though it was chaos! Someone pulled the fire alarm so that added to the chaos and keeping to the tight schedule. Yikes!
Sadie with her cute friends during dress rehearsal.
It's performance time!
Cambree was obsessed with her sleeves.

Cambree and Jordan posed all serious.

Sadie was a cute purple bird.

Cambree was Cinder. LOVED her dance! It was one of my favs

Love this…she is laying on Cinderella's leg.
Sadie was a sparkle too.
Towards the end it started to "snow"! It was pretty awesome.
Curtain call!
The girls came out to see everyone that came to watch.
My parents and sister came to see the performance. We went out to dinner afterward. We all wanted to go to Zupa's but Cambree insisted on going to Wendy's. Stinker.
Sadie wanted to give me a kiss on the check to make a kiss mark. Cute!

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