Friday, February 19, 2016

Caden's 1 YO Photoshoot

My baby is 1! Oh no! He is growing up and doing new things. I feel like I'm going to forget!
What he has been up to:
-Super Smiley
-Pulls himself up to standing
-No words still but cute, cute babbling
-He has 8 teeth
-Crawls up the stairs but not down
-He is really picky and I think it's all about texture. He only eats cereal, bottles, crackers, bread…and that's pretty much it!
-His days are full of one or two naps, crawling around chasing balls, playing with toys and putting up with his siblings carrying him around everywhere and being adored!
He's outta here!
I was excited that the color wall that we used for his birthday party worked for the backdrop for his cake smash pictures. He is sure a cutie-pie!
It took him a while to taste it. When he finally did, he didn't love it. Such a picky kid!
Shawn hates messy-faced kids so when he wiped his hand on his face, he was done!

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