Sunday, February 21, 2016

January Mish-mash

January turned out to be more crazy for me than December. Hopefully this isn't what 2016 will be about. Doing dance pictures really stresses me out so that was most of it. But I also had 2 shoots, planning New Beginnings which I am in charge of and will carry out a week after we get back, getting my taxes ready to do, get back into shape, plan Caden's party, cleaning, packing, laundry and shopping all to do before we leave for Hawaii on the 3rd. Leaving kids home and having people watch them is a lot of work!

I loved all the Christmas cards we received this year. Usually we only get about 1/2 the door filled. It as sad taking them down!
Our cute card from the BYU Christmas party.
This kid is so cute but man, is he picky! He eats bread all the time.
Flashback! Loved these roomies!
Cambree continues to do school. She's never done grades before. This was funny to me. It says "Math 5/5 100%  Music Pretty Good  1st Peacemaker, not good  2nd Good Writing F  P.E. Good"
Famlily Haha Game for FHE
Our picture setup…Brinley was a good helper and so amused. ;)
And just like that, he is standing!
What? Who's idea was that?
My sister made me a wreath for Christmas. It looks dang good on my door! My door doesn't…it needs a paint job.
Cambree had to get a cavity filled and 2 teeth pulled. She was SO nervous and about cried several times but she was brave and got through it! It wasn't as bad as she thought.
My handsome boy on his actual birthday!
We made lanterns for preschool. They loved to make them…I call that a success!
Another fun game that was a hit was the Lego game. They rolled the dice and had to grab a piece from the section with the corresponding number. They played this for a really long time. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this!
These two thought lunch would be more fun upside down.
We got a big box in the mail. They had fun making it into a rocket ship.
Caden has been looking so big to me! He is pulling himself up to things all over the place!
I went snowshoeing for my first time with the young women. It was super fun! I'll have to get Shawn to go with me sometime.
There he is again looking so big in his cute shirt my mom gave him. LOVE him.
And that's a wrap!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Caden's 1 YO Photoshoot

My baby is 1! Oh no! He is growing up and doing new things. I feel like I'm going to forget!
What he has been up to:
-Super Smiley
-Pulls himself up to standing
-No words still but cute, cute babbling
-He has 8 teeth
-Crawls up the stairs but not down
-He is really picky and I think it's all about texture. He only eats cereal, bottles, crackers, bread…and that's pretty much it!
-His days are full of one or two naps, crawling around chasing balls, playing with toys and putting up with his siblings carrying him around everywhere and being adored!
He's outta here!
I was excited that the color wall that we used for his birthday party worked for the backdrop for his cake smash pictures. He is sure a cutie-pie!
It took him a while to taste it. When he finally did, he didn't love it. Such a picky kid!
Shawn hates messy-faced kids so when he wiped his hand on his face, he was done!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Caden's 1st Birthday-Monster Bash

I had so much to do before Shawn and I were leaving for Hawaii in a week but I couldn't NOT throw a party for my little guy even though Shawn reminded me over and over that he wouldn't remember it! It was pretty low-key as far as who we invited. Just family. My siblings and parents came and Shawn's sister Lynnette came too. Shawn helped out a lot with the party. I couldn't have done what I did without him! Too bad Pinterest has so many great ideas cuz I want to do them all!
My sister designed the party invitation. It's super cute!

We made some party favor bags and put candy, monster slime, and monster rings in them.
I made cupcakes and wanted to just buy some cupcake toppers but Shawn didn't want to spend money so he got to make them. :)

Once I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to do it! Shawn got to make this too. :)
We served spaghetti for dinner (monster hair). The sides were other monster parts.

While the guests arrived, the kids all colored. Shawn's artwork was amazing!
Easton insisted on wearing his Monster jammies.
We had a Monster Factory and the kids made monsters.
Then, they played Don't Eat Pete. That was a hit too.
Presents! I don't know if he really opened any. Sadie and Easton were too into it.
Happy Birthday to this little man!

He wasn't too sure about it.

Happy Birthday, Caden!!