Sunday, January 10, 2016

Star Wars Birthday Party

Yup! My brother-in-law had a Star Wars party for his 30th birthday! It was pretty perfect since the movie just came out and we actually saw it the night before (GREAT movie!).
Tiff went all out! She is SO good at throwing themed parties. She had it at the church since their apartment probably couldn't handle all of us. :) My kids went straight for the photo booth…my mom was snapping away!
We all dressed up (minus Brinley because the BYU game was on later that day). Easton was hiding behind me but he had a Star Wars shirt. I did Cambree's hair like Rey and Sadie got Princess Leia hair.
We had lunch and she had things like Vader Veggies, Ewok Treats, Leia's Lays, Bantham Meat, Wookie Cookies, and Yoda Soda.
She had some fun games like Pin the Bun on Leia.
They made Star Wars paperdoll-like things. They were SO cute! They looked kind of Minecraft-y.
Grandma took care of Caden while I helped the kids with the games.
The finale was the Death Star piƱata. Tiffany spent weeks making it. It was pretty awesome. David broke it open by slashing it. Perfect!
We sang to David and had Garbage Compactor cake. Such a fun idea for cake!
We didn't help clean up too much since we had to leave to make it back home in time to watch the BYU vs. Utah bowl game. It was pretty much the game of the decade. Mandy and Nate came over to watch it too. We won't talk about how it went. :/

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